Friday , May 27 2022

“The bomb in the house of culture, we must dig in!”: Ivo Fomina’s concert in Tukums ended unexpectedly. Suspected intent loss


Composer Ivo Fomins at different times in his life

Latvia Music Publisher, Composer, Producer, Songwriter and Poet At Gunter RAW Call the social sites yesterday Ivo Fomina The “man” in the concert in the Tacoma City Cultural Center, was not quite as it had been before. Someone reported that the explosion had been carried out, police arrived and everyone had to be evacuated. “Of the last possibilities that anyone tried to ruin in such a way,” Rachs thinks.

“The bomb in the house of culture, we have to ev! The police have arrived, everyone must leave the house! This is Eve Fumina’s concert in Tacoma to end the night.

But, for the time being, super audience, super musician and environment. Of the last possibilities that anybody tried to ruin.

But that doesn’t change anything. Next Thursday I will be the guest of Ivo at Cvosis. I’ll book a new book with myself. something like that. A New Experience, “Gunter’s Ross Social Network” writes on Facebook.

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