Tuesday , July 5 2022

The stars of the largest showbiz companies of the same home coincide with the Latvian century-old composition


In the national month of the month, the musicians were delighted by the popular musicians in Latvia who co-wrote the song "Dzintara Latvia Story" by Jānis Stībeļi. A bit is a scene for Latvia's 100th birthday scene artists.

Janis Stībelis's idea of ​​the composition of the musician came up with a very simple reason – he thinks he celebrates the jubilee of his friends is cheerful and shares joy with others, as he emphasizes that the voices of many singers in Latvia are heard on the track.

Aja Andrejeva, Intars Busulis, Aminata Savadogo, Mara Upmane-Holstein, Ivo Fomin and Antra Stafecka joined together with Steel, while Dassan's actor Andris Bulis also contributed to the song.

"This idea came as a greeting to Latvia on its great anniversary. The melody has a bit of fairy tale, but she wanted to keep a positive and future-oriented look.

The text of the song uses some of Latvia's historical and national symbols – a story about the ancient flags of the ancient flag, historical arches of history, ash war, creation of a free state of Latvia, rifles and heroic cemeteries, amber and lino scumbag. One word is a lot of symbolism that sets the song as a sacred, sacred format, but in the future we have to look at a clear look.

So we all celebrate together, we drink beans, we rise up, we smile, we rejoice that we have our own land! "So Janis Stībelis.

Hear it!

Music composition, words, production and arrangement of songs – Jānis Stībelis, guitars – Jānis Kalniņš, mix and recording by Gints Stankevich (Factory Sounds Studios).

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