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Veles: The location and times of hundreds of events would be better understood – in Latvia – news


He disagrees with the waves of social networks that, due to the large, unorganized crowd of the 100th Anniversary of the Hair Court, did not lead to tragedy. Vlas emphasized that during these events, the police were very prepared to ensure order and track the situation in advance. At the same time, the police spokesman acknowledged that the event was likely to have visited more people than planned.

Welsh, on Sunday evening in the Old Town, had the emotions of a great hustle and bustle. "Obviously, certain elements of the crowd's psychology appeared, and the person who feels dangerous or uncomfortable in the crowd, when there must be, waiting for something to appear is tension (…) And, of course, where they are many people, there are also risks, "said a police spokesman.

At the same time, he reminded the police that a hundred years ago he warned that the number of visitors would be high, so it is up to each of them to assess whether such measures fit a particular person or family and whether they will feel good in such a dense crowd.

Veles said that on November 18, the police were ready to stop the embankment from the Old Town or Pardaugava from the center at any time, but under all circumstances the decision to close the pedestrian flow was not accepted because it was not justified. The police spokesman pointed out that the venue and time of the events would be better suited so that at one point the central event – the festive speech of the President of the Republic – would not be on the monument of freedom but immediately all the people on the shortest route – old Riga – the fireworks on the Daugava waterfront . However, if, for example, a sudden approach to the Old Town embankment was closed, it would create even more overcrowded tensions that would not be needed, police spokesman said.

He noted that after the event, people had the opportunity to leave the embankment on the shortest route through the Old Town but rather to move from the place of celebration to some roundabouts, for example on the coast of November 11 on either side where the pedestrian flow was incomparably smaller .

Vlas acknowledged that the police would soon assess the findings of the 100th anniversary celebrations and assess whether such crowd movements would in the future not be controlled by barriers and fences, for example at the Riga airport where the queues are stacked. In that case, it is clear that, for example, entering the embankment will take much more time, people would move much slower but would be more organized, police spokesman said. He repeatedly stressed that there was no need to block pedestrian traffic on these celebrations.

As mentioned, the 100th anniversary of the declaration of the Latvian state was quietly executed and three people were arrested in Riga, one for alcohol use in public, two for billboard damage, Welsh said earlier in the LETA agency.

He stressed that there are many different events in Latvia, both in large cities and smaller settlements, so police officers look at events across the country and work on a specially designed plan.

No one was arrested outside the Riga events, but one person was arrested in Riga for drinking in a public place and two were injured in the Riga advertising stall.

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