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After 16 years, Samirra said the suggestions of the song "and how are you"


After 16 years, Samira said that "Analyze the story of the song" and "loving love" to Sukhaj News, regarding your homeland, we published you after 16 years. Samira said 16 years later, suggesting the analysis of the music and theoretical theory of music. Today we are publishing Sindhis through Sacrifice and starting for 16 years of main news. Samira Syed Rinsz song and the "What Me With" The Opinion Of The Ideas.

Samirra is an icon for renewal of song song in music and ideas on music and ideas, which has always appeared before and after the race and during the last ten years.

Generally, at 16 years later, "Why I Like" filmmaker surprised Israel by telling Samira Album "A Day and One Day".

One time the idea of ​​a new song came when Samrara was filming in his garden for a magazine. During filming, the idea of ​​creating "Ai Aabi" was born, playing Samira song.

Again, the "Musical Shub" album was restored on "Yu Rawuu", a song by Baha-din Din Muhammad, which was created and distributed by Mohammad Mustafa.

The latest act of Samarara Saare was song "Super Man", by musician Bilal Suroor, the poet Sholi Noor and the music of Hanani Yaqub distributed.

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Sacramento, 16 years later .. Samirra said that the renewal of song stories and "how to love me as a", to get our new news on our site's social networking sites permanently.

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