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Emirates News Agency – C’mon, women’s team to launch its Asian qualifier against Guam


  • S .. Now .. The women's team starts against their Asian qualifiers Guam
  • S .. Now .. Women's team starts against Asian qualifier Guam

BISHKEK, Oct 17 / WAM / Our national women’s soccer team will launch its Asian qualifier when the fourth group matches against their counterpart Guam at the Dulen Umzakov Stadium in the Kyrgyz capital city of Bishkek at 3:00 pm. Lebanon and Myanmar teams.

Our team is completing the preparation of a match in a training session led by National Coach Horia Althari at the sub stadiums, with the participation of 22 players: Maha Albashi, Amal Wale, Fatima Jasim, Saleh Rashid, Ravan Alhamdi, Sara Alboshi. , Alanud Al-Anazi, Nauf Al-Anazi and Aya Walid, Nahal Abdul-Aziz, Naeem Ibrahim, Leila Al-Mehri, Aisha Ghaith, Shahid Khalid, Alia Hameed, Afra-ul-Mehri, Arij-Al-Hamdi, Badriya Al-Mansouri, Aida-al-Shahi, Ghanima-Rasheed, Aminah-ul-Hassani and Amina-ul-Hassani.

Hurriyat Altahri confirmed that the team players are fully technical and physically ready to begin their journey in the Asian qualifiers against the GAM team, for which we count a thousand and all the teams that join us in Group D. However, note that the opening match in the qualification or tournament often has a special role and it has double the importance so the team must have a high level of attention and hard work and make every effort to achieve a positive result, which is an important trigger. And there will be stimulation. He will be in the next matches against Lebanon and Myanmar.

Wam / Amin al-Balad / Abdul Naser Munim

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