Thursday , May 26 2022

“Hezbollah” investigates the government from investigations and incidents


Despite the large tension accusations that have dominated the political and security landscape, and the prosecutor’s reference to the Beirut Port explosion machete file, Judge Tariq al-Tabar’s method of discrimination did not, despite differences in position. Political parties, especially Hezbollah and the Amal movement, can tolerate this “sin of government raising” because economic and security conditions are getting worse. “Hezbollah” distinguishes between the need for a government and its continuity and the impact of the explosion of the port and the investigation of the Maori incident.

In practice, however, any negative move by the government will open the door to greater lawlessness on the road, which means the appearance of more dangerous scenarios than the ones that have surfaced in Tay Tawina some days. On that basis, contacts are speeded up to ensure government survival first, its role being in keeping the files in a calm and sensible way of handling and executing necessary treatments.

Until today, there is no clear decision to start a cabinet meeting, unless the obstacles are removed before the government takes a clear stance on the actions of Judge Albert. However, the decision is the main objective of the decision to deal with this sensitive file very carefully, and Prime Minister Najib Mukti has no objection that the government should postpone the resumption of the session until the solution is found to prevent Mackey. General Chat Chat Lounge Of course, Makati is trying to eliminate as much of the current complications as possible, and is looking more and more to protect the government and its constituents, as well as to deal responsibly with the port and battery explosion machete problem. Problem with. Tayouneh Events.

In this regard, Makati met yesterday with Minister of Justice, Judge Henry Khoury, President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Sohail Abood, and Judge Ghassan Ovedat, the discriminatory public prosecutor, to resolve the government’s role. And its relationship with the judiciary. Clearly, Makati attempted to define a clear framework for the probe file, which is completely separated from the Tiauna file, given that the latter led to a much earlier path than the Port case. According to him, Makati emphasized during his last meeting that “the Tiwana case is in the custody of security services under the supervision of a viable judiciary,” stressing that “the government is unwilling to interfere in any file with the judiciary,” And it will see fit to take whatever steps the judicial authority must take.

The dangers of ‘government kidnapping’

In the midst of all this, immersion in “blowing up the government” means taking the country to greater risk. In the event that the cabinet goes into clinical death, the devastation will even accelerate, and recovery funds with international monetary funds will be suspended and lost. In addition, the plans required for the budget will not be implemented, while the work of the institutions will be at regular risk, especially with the current setback. In addition, the fall of the government means the accumulation of crises and the restoration of others such as the fuel crisis, while any negatives that interfere with the work of the Council of Ministers will help the Lebanese Pound deliver a new shock. Dollars. As dangerous as it is dangerous, it means that the impeachment of any government can mean a blow to parliamentary elections and thus the expansion of the current parliament.

Far from the logic of corruption and political rivalry, the expected decision remains to “withdraw the risk of overthrowing the government” from the circulation. Nevertheless, “Hezbollah” should be aware that such a move could create resentment against them, at least in people, considering that their withdrawal from the government would mean any economic and financial solution. The crisis will take place, and therefore, the accumulation of crises will bear its responsibility. General Chat Chat Lounge

However, what has been settled so far is that the “Shiite” is trying to extort the Tiawana file from the government, considering that it is treated with a dimension of security beyond the political dimension. Is nil. Accordingly, this grievous substance cannot be tolerated by the government, and is the only one that wants to get the locality fully entrusted the file to the security forces under the supervision of the competent judiciary.

In the midst of this, the position of the Shiite depends on the words of Syed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah, and it is expected that the party’s position and dependence on the government will remain. Be resolved, especially in the position of Altar, especially after the events of Ta’ibah and after his failure, as he demanded. Shiite ministers during the session. Here, political sources say that Nasrallah will not fight against the government as much as asking him to try to take a transparent stance on the issues raised to end political and security tensions.

Source: Lebanon 24

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