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Inauguration of the International Scientific Conference on “Heritage and Archeology in the Arab World” Balka


Salt-Elysium Inflammatory

Delegation of the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Acting Director of the Department of Antiquities, Hisham al-Abadi, confirmed, “Cultural heritage is an important element of contemporary human development and clearly helps to clarify its current civilized personality, As human societies are different. Their cultural heritage lacks the depth of their heritage in history or the simplicity and complexity of their history, which may be an important and important factor in their growth and development.
Al-Wadi added a sponsorship of five international scientific conferences, held under the title “Heritage and Archeology in the Arab World,” at Al-Lahiya Oman University in the Balkans and in a partnership with friends from the Jordanian parliament. The “World” is in collaboration with the Union of Academies and Pioneers of Arab Science and the Arab Center for Research and Media Studies – Palestine and Al-Hajiya Oman University and Algerian University of Jordan. “It is only a testimony to the importance of the ceremony and the role of the city of Salt throughout its history and its impact on the construction of the Jordanian state, and a celebration worthy of the first city.
Al-Awadi pointed out that the city of Salt, which is the Fourth Eri Conference, is a model for this heritage, that the history of the city has been spread for more than 5,500 years, and that the world today is the guest of the day. Through this long history of humiliation. To add it to the World Heritage List.
Engineer Khalid al-Kushman, the mayor of Salt, gave the speech of the city in which he said, “We have sought, through the municipality, the Royal Committee for the Development of the City, the Foundation for the con- trol of Salt, the Ministry of Tourism and their To bring in a living file for the working entity, Salt City, and we used special regulatory facilities for the city center, and it was the first of its kind in the Arab world. , And one of the prominent media roles in this file was to add salt to the World Heritage List, and it was a city of tolerance and hospitality.
Dr. Faiz Al-Arabi, Vice-Chairman of the Hashmat University Board of Trustees, delivered a speech for Arab scholars and scholars, in which he confirmed that the conference is being held in celebration of our Jordanian state’s centuries. And to add the city of Salt to the World Heritage List, a conference organized by the Friends of the Parliament of Jordan in partnership with several parties.
He added that the city of Alaska, which we call the city before the call, was the city of the bride, the figs, and the vine, as the Roman called it. His man is a hard rock, if he tries to kill him, his sparks will fly, and if he puts him in a place that preserves his position.
The Secretary-General of the Conference, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Kulob, delivered a speech at the inaugural address of the conference, in which he emphasized that the conference was held on the eve of the Centennial Celebration of the State of Jordan. On the occasion of the incorporation of the City of Salt, the “City of Tolerance and the Guest Hospitality” on the UNESCO World Heritage List, indicate that the number of participants in the conference has increased from fifty to eight. Researchers and academics from 15 Arab countries presented over 30 scientific papers that were submitted by the conference’s scientific committee for free researching the research in legal journals and human and social studies in university journals.
The conference consisted of 5 sessions in which experts from Jordan, Palestine, Gaza Strip, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Algeria participated.

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