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It has a more unpleasant scent than veal and plants


Most vegetarians have a more unpleasant scent than eaters and meat plants; veggies have more odor than edible meat and plants? Our network of knights and start with the most important news, vegetarians have an unpleasant smell of sweaters than carnivores and plants.

At the beginning of his career, Apple founder Steve Jobs won $ 5 per hour in Atari.

Though chief engineer Atari "saw something in it," Jobs quickly felt something smell of the body.

Workers believed that its vegetarian diet prevents body scent, so it bathes at a rate lower than the usual rate of meat and plant poisons.

The resulting body odor caused the Atari CEO to provide Jobs with work at night and was the only factor in the building.

The theory of jobs that it was a vegetarian meant he was better off to feel bad, but the scientists confirmed that something could be related. It was found that vegetarians have more odor than carnivores.

In fact, they probably had a better smell.

A study published in Chemical Sense in 2006 found that eating meat influenced the way the participants felt the experiment.

A small study, designed to test the effect of eating red meat on the attrition of body odor, has asked 17 male participants to eat a diet with meat or vegetarian diet for two weeks.

During the last 24 hours, the participants wore bandages that collected body odor.

These samples were evaluated by 30 participants, according to various factors, including favors, masculinity, severity and severity.

A month later the exercise was repeated with the same participants, but each participant followed the opposite diet.

The study found that the sweat of participants on the vegetarian diet was more attractive than those who were not.

Samples of the body odors of those who eat meat are more attractive, more enjoyable and less intense.

This means that the consumption of meat leads to a greater odor.

Keep in mind, however, that some foods have a strong smell to release the pores during and after digestion.

For example, garlic, caraway and curry are particularly effective.

There is also the fact that the pot sometimes just smelled.

There are two types of sweat: sweat from the Ecrrine glands and sweat from the apocrine glands.

The pulmonary glands are excreted from the sweat glands located all over the body and usually do not have a strong odor.

On the other hand, swelling of the sweat gland comes from the sweat glands under the arm, around the thigh, and in the hands and feet.

It is full of proteins and fats that are absorbed by bacteria that live on the skin.

The product is a bacterial waste that gives the sweat a distinct smell.

Whether you are a vegetarian or a pack of meat and plants or somewhere between them, regular bathing and daily use of deodorant can go a long way toward positive relationships with those around you.

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