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It is transmitted through water, food and contact .. a suspected bacterium that causes this Arab country.


The Abridge Channel published a report titled: “It is transmitted through water, food and touch … a suspected bacterial that nts Jordan,” in which it indicates that health services in Jordan are in progress. To find out, sampling from sources of water, restaurants and bakeries in Jabu’s Village in Jarsh Governorate, and Jordan and Al Jawadah, in Ajalon Govt. , All of which are in good condition. General Chat Chat Lounge

Dr. Ghazi Sharkas, Assistant Secretary General in the Ministry of Primary Healthcare for Healthcare, told that 14 new cases of “Shigella” were diagnosed on the last day; , However, the casualties reached 18 in Ajalon. Sharkas explained that the germs “pass through water, food or contact,” stressing that the number of infections is under control, and most cases have been hospitalized.

Work suspension in some schools
Jordanian Ministry of Education media spokesman Ahmed al-Mutzah said school hours in Jericho and Ajlon have been suspended for only one day, and the expansion depends on health promotion in areas that include the “Shigella” germs.

Al-Mustafa Woldick said the suspension of work hours will be for sterilization purposes, and that the ministry’s platform is ready for distance learning in areas, according to the region, as reported.

The Minister of Health, Faras al-Hurri, visited the Government Hospital of Zarash, the major surgical center of surgery, and checked the health status of the nine children Urn who were admitted for the presence of suspected symptoms of poisoning.

He explained that the “Shigella” bacterium is highly infectious, and is likely to infect infected infected children in the urine and the elderly, which is usually treated after 3 days of infection, and generally antibiotic treatment. Are not required, except in severe cases that are required. Clinical image.

The Minister pointed out that this germ is usually active in the fall, and is transmitted to humans through water and food, if it is present in them, it alone transmits from one body to another through contact.

Preventive measures and hand washing, vegetables and yogurt and fruits are two of the most important of poison in controlling the spread of this infection after initial poisoning, as reported in the report.

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