Sunday , May 22 2022

Kourouani's answer to cement companies … Fadia Daaboul – Ambassador of the North


The environmental issue of cement companies and environmental progress regarding cement companies concerned all other issues and problems in the region. This crisis attracts considerable attention from current and former members of the Koura, the parties, the union of the villages of Koura and the municipalities, this field.

This warning is translated into meetings and seminars that continue at all levels to exert pressure on cement companies to comply with applicable laws and regulations to reduce environmental pollution, damage to and threats to humans and disruption of nature.

Which led to the convening of a coordination meeting at the center of the Union of Koura municipalities with representatives of the current and former Koura and municipalities in order to draw up a road map for the next phase of the judiciary open to all possibilities.

There are three main tracks that will follow: a court track, a media track, and a popular and political track. Following the establishment of the government, the participants will jointly visit the President, the President of the House of Representatives, the Prime Minister and the relevant Ministers to present environmental issues and apply the rights of the region.

The past period ended with sporadic situations, intermittent meetings and seminars after the outbreak of the crisis. When she began working on the preparation of court records, she asked for a press conference to announce the steps and subsequent moves. Agreements with companies are no longer included, and the draft agreement, which has already been discussed between the Ministry of the Environment and the companies and the Koura Tuit Association, no longer meets the aspirations of the Koreans, and no proposals and solutions are offered.

There is no doubt that pollution has reached a zero point, according to environmental observers. Which causes the Alkoura pollution measurement to be red and will stop working for several hours.

In the midst of this, the head of the Koura Union, Karim Bou Karim, said that "all solutions to the Kurana environmental crisis are summarized in the application of cement companies to the Environmental Protection Act and the Decree on the Organization of Quarries and Crackers and the Law of the Supreme Council for the Protection of the Environment environment." He stressed that "Apply societies to laws, so there is no reason or motive." He expressed his full confidence "in the judiciary in protecting the rights and protecting their rights."

"This battle will end with victory, the restoration of law and the implementation of the law," said Bou Karim.

Researcher and environmental activist Dr. Naji Qudaih stressed during the Symposium, which took place at the Lebanese Communist Party's Koura Branch in the center of Najda Al-Sha'a Baa, about the negative threats caused by cement companies that followed them since being an expert at the Ministry of the Environment. Describes the village and complains about the model of the marshal that there is a lack of urban planning and overlapping residential areas with industrial, resulting health and environmental disasters, and has reached record numbers. Put the responsibility for environmental issues throughout Lebanon to successive governments and parliaments.

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