Wednesday , September 28 2022

Skin cancer kills men in 33 countries


NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – According to a recent medical study, more people die of skin cancer and their mortality is higher than that of women.
Over the past three decades, specifically from 1985 to 2015, the incidence of skin cancer in men in 33 countries was higher than that of women.
The study focused on the analysis of skin cancer deaths in 33 developed countries in Europe, North America and Australia. The results were published at a medical conference organized by the British National Institute for Cancer Research in Glasgow, Scotland.
During this period, women's mortality rates were reduced to skin cancer or remained stable, but unlike men, there was no increase.
Study scientists wanted an updated and expanded analysis of global skin mortality in order to understand these patterns of morbidity and mortality, and whether there was any impact on the implementation of strategies, says Dorothy Young, a Royal Physicist in London. New diagnosis, treatment or prevention.
After more than 30 years, the mortality rate has risen to skin cancer, and there are indications that men are less protected from sun, CNN says.
Yang pointed out that men are less likely to be involved in awareness-raising campaigns and the prevention of fatal illnesses, noting that it is not yet known whether biological differences between women and men have any effect.

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