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The funeral of director Simon Esmer .. In the presence of art stars – Ambassador of the North

A number of art stars have been tried for funerals and burial on the St. George of the Maronite Cathedral of Lebanese director Simon Asmar Beirut.

The body of the late director was taken from a hospital in Beirut, Beirut, to pray for his comfort, after which the body was taken to Ghazi, where he was buried in his family's cemetery.

The audience included Majida El Rami, Lebanese singer Najeeva Karam, Fela Al Jazeera and Lebanese singer Madonna, who wanted to write persecution in a book held at the door of St. George's Cathedral.

Many of the flowers were donated to the Cathedral of Gilgin and the body of Language Director Simon Asmar led by Lebanese President Dior Avon, Lebanese President Samel Kafuri and Salim Al Hindi, CDA Chairman Rwana, Sumera Tofak and Sheikh Pierre Al-Lahor. Were standing nearby.

Simon Aslam's family received condolences before the funeral. Sponsored by Najeeva Karam and Pierre Dahir.

Artist Nwawa Karam, describing his grief over the loss of Simon Smart, said: "I want to say the loss of the word; rather, small artwork was given to Simon Creative by his creative director for the title of the article and when the artist took a picture from Lebanon. I stand out and get to know Simon Smart's imagination – voice, artist talent, media and social behavior, attendance and form.

Nawa Kram added that Simon Smart "was looking at the art industry, which has given us the boost we have today".

Lebanese director Simon Asmar, nicknamed the "star maker", died on Wednesday after suffering a disease at the age of 76, where he was informed of the death of Simon Ismar by Lebanese journalist Nishan from Ms Tennessee.

Simon Smart was under medical supervision a few days before being affected by the medical crisis but still had no better record.

Considered one of Asmar's most celebrated figures, he discovered the stars in the singing world, through his popular program "Studio of Art", which will be one of the most popular singers in Lebanon.


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