Friday , September 30 2022

What is the truth about the death of Prisoner Ahmed in prison?


Advocates have reported that "social networking parties are discussing reports of his death in prison in a new security building," and explain that "this report is not true after we contacted officials who confirmed that Ahmed al-Asir was all right and everything what was published is to lie.

"We are Ahmad al-Asir Naeiba's defense agents when we publish this report, and we are surprised to highlight it in this difficult time in Lebanon, and we bear the full responsibility that can be caused by fears and confusion among people." This statement means telling the story of publishers reports and punish them in support of Lebanon's law and take appropriate legal action to prosecute them. "" Because of these rumors, prison administration allowed Prisoner Ahmed to contact his wife to check him out and explain to him the suffering in a new security building and the inability to live because of cruel treatment and strict procedures. "

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