Sunday , August 14 2022

Will people pay bill to people?


MP Ali Khassis said that "what is our happiness today, thanksgiving and thanksgiving people, dead struggle and arts and their daughters," said Stephen, the most part of Palestine border cross-border privilege with Palestine. "

In the village of External Arzia, a memorandum was asked in the memorial ceremony, such as MSLS Essarer, the cultural leader of the Amal Movement in South, and President of the Municipal Union of the Alien Mathews Union, "this man will continue to pay a lot of money." How will a cruel time come and reward it or to punish the country for its evil?

"It is not just our Independence Day today, but we all have our own self-determination and wrath for the country's independence to enjoy political, security, social and environmental security and security throughout Lebanon." Should be removed. "

Lastly, Hussein Hussain Shaikh Haider Mula Council.

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