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Actress Marija Chilboypayeta-Woodley in the hospital with her baby in a nightmare: W: Staff numbness shocks


The woman was convinced that she was talking about it in public, not because of compassion or sympathy, but because her story alone would be heard.

“I’m complaining in public at least, but I won’t bother with it,” the actress began her post on social media.

“It only came to our notice then on October 15th. Up to 16 d. At night And why am I writing history? Because I didn’t really have the power to catch doctors names, maybe someone who needed to dig back. At the hospital …

Almost a year and a half later, my husband and I had a chance to meet هي No, his mom came and Gabrielius felt great with him, so we went to the house cafe with a clean conscience. We really felt like we were dating, so I thought about pizza, after which I started to vomit when I got home … I didn’t know if that old pizza item was on pizza or the virus. ..

When I got home, I was going all the time, ٿ cold or ٿ iver wiping, my eyes black. I fed the baby and the baby was lying on his arms because I couldn’t do it, I was weak and weak … Soon the AR was put in the spring, followed shortly thereafter … we scared and we were scared. And immediately went to call the ambulance, and she was really quick. Me and Gabriel, who was a few months old, were taken to Arn’s hospital. There began the Great Dreams and the supernatural.

When I arrived, I was asked to fill out the document, even though I had not even made the video yet and I barely caught it. The service staff was angry, asked about AR, but soon after, awkwardly and vomited on the floor. There was no reaction. That was when we came across a blasted mosquito for which we could vomit. Then I got angry, I fell to the floor and I got vomited as I vomited, I said I had nothing to vomit after that, I called for help, I didn’t react, I later Napkins recovered … ??? Here’s one place you don’t know if you can call the hospital. If even R does not give a proper answer, let alone the mother, who is currently the main source of food for the baby. She can calm him down and provide for her. Security.

The staff explained to me that such rules. Curse me for your rules that are so irrational! It is difficult to believe what hospital system there is in Lithuania. Eventually, we were seated in the ward, I was lying in a garage with only one catheter inserted, all of which were still ling … I calmed her, I had a severe cold. Chau got around, watched the train, broke it. His bones, he was not interested in the subject …

Anyway, when it was noon this morning and without help, my body was struggling, and maybe the maternal instinct that I had to take care of was awakened. One of the most frustrating of the wines is that I didn’t get any drip, though it was more than one question asked … would have happened if I was so disconnected that I wouldn’t even say yes Can i if ya if he gave her a ream he would cry and be king and then it would be worse and worse for her? This is unjust. I had to pray a prayer, ”admits MbChalibopyeta-Vedely.

Fortunately, Maryam said that health problems worsen.

“It only came to our notice then. Dreadful dreams take over, “he said.

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