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At the first signs of a cold start, the bee's pitch will help Life


According to Dr. Juozas Jokim, a veterinarian in bees in Switzerland, should seek to improve the immunity and effective treatment of cold blood cells anywhere else than in the hives.

"It seems to be a weird sticky matter, but it's a magical composition that destroys the virus." The widely used propolis from plant propagation materials is used to placate bees to prevent drafts and unhealthy moisture, "notes J.Jokimas.

Beekeepers claim that the therapeutic effect of this substance is determined by the large number of biologically active substances that are part of the propolis composition. Most polyphenols are found in propolis, the main part of which is flavonoids. Essential are aromatic acids and their esters, essential oils, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. These substances are involved in immunological reactions and are essential for the vital functions of the body.

Favorable properties of propolis are also confirmed by the wife of beekeepers, pastor and herbs Vida Jokimienė. "In the autumn, I have always received many requests to improve the immunity of children and the treatment of colds." As a grandmother of five grandchildren and a longtime pharmacist, I am convinced that it is not beneficial to prevent and treat colds with propolis. when the first signs of cold start overcome different bacteria and viruses, "says Vida.

Fotolia Foto / Beat

Fotolia Foto / Beat

In her opinion, it is very important not only to choose a propolis product but also to use it consistently as a winter approach. "I always choose and recommend another long-lived natural Lithuanian propolis containing vitamin C and plant extracts for everyone according to taste – ginger, raspberry, etc. For many years, it has been helping not only to fight cold diseases, but also strengthening the immunity of our family members," the pharmacist smiled.

Interestingly, the use of propolis can actually help suppress first signs such as sore throat, swallowing pain, stuffy nose. This is because the ingredients of propolis disinfect, moisturize and protect the mucous membranes. "Through various studies, it has been shown that bee pitch reduces the side effects of medication." When applying bee products in combination with other therapeutic measures, the course of treatment of various diseases sometimes decreases by half, improving it much faster, "says the pharmacist.

Photo frame Scanpix / Flower and Bee Pitch

Photo frame Scanpix / Flower and Bee Pitch

Farmers and beekeepers agree that propolis has anti-inflammatory properties, making it easier to catch cold symptoms. Propolis strengthens the natural ability of the body to protect itself against microorganisms that are harmful to health.

"It is very important to notice the first symptoms.After the adoption of" tail "disease and consistent use of this natural antibiotic, it is possible to completely avoid the treatment with chemical drugs", – says V.Jokimienė.

According to her, propolis greatly reduces perforation, pain, relieves breathing and hydrates the respiratory system. According to herbalists, using propolis, one maintains the body's resistance to disease.

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