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Be. The rating of Čeponis LKL: Scokco was drowned, whereas Fernando was torn


Rise of Utena Juventus and Pasvalys "Pieno žvaigždės", while Alytus Dzukija and Opinion Peruvian was the case. Bethsaida is ranked under the LLM Champions team visas Čeponis teams. This is a subject based on the brightness of the recent team results.

1 (previous place 1). Kaunas "Žalgiris"

In Napype's Neptune, an unsuspecting Ziggiss unchecked at home. After that, five rows were produced in these rows. The middle is five inches wide. 23.8 difference difference No one can think of the best player in the League, but also brilliant. It allows you to kill the weak opponents.

In addition, by using a long-term bench, hard-moving counter-opponents oppose opponents in Žalgiris. Let's say Loren is a good example of bitterness, whose last performance was two digit three in three.

Start the start of a playlift competition, whereas in the season's start of competition, it's going to be a lot of flaws. In this way, genital disorders combine many lightweight.

2 (2). Vilnius "Rytas"

Chris Karram before the Guaranteed Conquest, Neptune's Majesty's, except a caring person, indicates that Venice is on the right track.

The "morning" game has made the game easier for it to be dominated by domotics. It is true that in America it specially plays a role in super-ahtlit, individually, for opponents. If the opponents defend before it, they will be born to the other "morning" space of freedom.

In addition, Venezuela's resort started using a more efficiently, in which Aryan Bactixes felt like a fish. He is exploited in exploitation of extreme exploitation.

Until he returns to the office. Karamam, "Middle", is a real salvation – Roka Satspacece. The cricket team offers additional energy. He was vacant in Genesis, but is very strong in Clapisa.

3 (3). Clapopa "Napon"

For a long time, a copyrighted person was locked. It was possible to wait. Just a very small church stand, important roles are paying for visas whose power can be eliminated.

LILPA is very successful in the PML-N, its attack is not bad, but has begun to start defense. It appears that on the east side not only by 93 points but on 101 BC in the FBC Champions League before the German Biabetes Club.

How many Ovardo Olivolis Game Farm is not yet, Lemononas vaccine. On the other hand, Jerry Grant, The Weaver, and Tomas DealinNincis are all helpful helper (along with Rio Rio).

Rangers' needs need to be mounted (Sunday day of fighting in the east and Germany on Tuesday). Otherwise, the pony boss can not rejoice in the bass ball games and at the end of weekend in the pavis, where "Litababis" is waiting for it.

4 (4). PITITES "Lincoln"

Jason Vanescas, sports director Nun Club, is pleased to change. Some teams are open, others are accepted. I believe that the visas of herariariosis, which is a great sports read and effective transaction, will be more useful than Dominican heritage. Reasoning logical and archeology – it is better that the church is the role of the future of young and talented mata Rastasosis.

While defending the defense holes, Vitiane lipocylles had devastated it, it was difficult to say. On the other hand, he did not help much in the Israeli attack. The complete puzzle of Stefan Sinovec, which is an athletic, personally strong basketball player, was not played for a long time before arriving at Panevėžys.

It is also very much that the newcomer will improve the game of the Ninnas Čanakas team. Pinies are still not the first of the tandoux clubs. Really, it is possible to see a positive look – in a row, with three new tactical successes, just in the Pioneer Newspaper Club in Pietro Hedgehogados.

Wii "Lacquilas" was more reliable, most likely used to use Yama Wilson, who worked hard. The last three trends in the last position. Take about 16 points – first to three.

5 (7). Utena Juventus

The last four shows of the last three Batsfi-LL Delta of the last year were Jatts. Apart from this, Georges Craig did not miss any chance in Cottonia "Neviszes" in the Cotton. The poorest was just in Pasvalys.

The wavelength of the wolf, although Alexander Blurfov is going through a serious crisis, is not in the team of Tom Dable's team, the Kenneth Gain injury is not recovered again. Helps in the bench of a long back.

Clearly, communication has become better, Joyce has started getting more points on faster speeds and attacks on those who have been continuously using continuously. Utenians are proving more corrupt. Fresh, Šikšnius is the main player in the club. Truly, he has made an unexpected look, which makes some such anxiety. Already, it can be argued that Team Team X has killed Hitelton, which is a high-level stable process.

6 (5). Alytus "Dzukija"

Alytus got a little speed, but it could not be said that the Dzukis stuck in a deep pit. One of these leaders, Paulus Petrollois, became "overwhelmed", Gondonima Žalalis lost his doubling defeat over the variant Divine Divine.

However, the next-ever strike on the team has successfully coordinated Successfully, by Candy Brown, this is not a video ajax expert. Dzukija's protest against unusual struggle and energy continues. This is a great part of the Irish Urlep armor.

The Elton's Club demonstration is clearly built in the League, although there is no special monsters on the opposite side! Apart from this, Elizen will try to save himself in a very aggressive manner. It is a fact that sometimes these non-mandatory flats are allowed and the opponents allow some points to win.

7 (8). Pasvalys "Milky Way"

Panjwani team has been invited to the patent. Really, this fact can be explained that the team is joining only two innovators (Durberto Pena and Joystats). It takes time to join the team.

Prior to this, Gymymassas Petrakok's students killed the dead "Jensen" and "Litakabel", honestly opposed "Reiie". "Pino Holbrooke" is a hurry strike, on the side of its scheme, there is a very serious defense, where people usually defend themselves as defensive, who are aiming to take hair, but sometimes to risk The reason

The biggest problem is a very poor fight for a rebellion. High-level bills can be more helpful for more players. Team can not be "cautious" or strictly cautious. It says something about the job. On the other hand, I think the club may inevitably eliminate the services of Justin Way. He featured his exquisite survival along with Javasaur.

8 (6). The sky

The award-winning Basketball Club just got a victory in the last five games. "Scorpio" gave Honda Crania a nose in "Newlysis", and lost "Dzukija" of "15 lies".

After a long break in Otto, I was sad for some time, but it was not enough to conquer. In fact, with biotechnology, it was evident that education was probably a minor of Malagasy Magocus lucosex. The next next hole, the rising place can be zimmitha genius, but after a severe wound, he only sticks the mountains.

It is not clear what Arnold is doing to the Lab, which looks very slow, and plays with unusual insights. The team that is attacking us consists of a game of three games, but has hit the hit completely. Although there are more powerful sports shortcuts, the Team Team shares it with a strong look. Really, all are over, many of them are missing the ball.

9 (9). Camadia "New York"

By the conquest of Skyscope, there was a lightweight record in the sports game, but it was darker again. After that four uncomfortable failed. An unusual defeat for the European Union.

The team continues to the extreme extent, though destroying, first play half. 4:38 After Alyssa's first missile was lost, the situation did not change. At the first 10 minutes of biochemical opponents at home at 13:25, Neptune 9:22, Julius 18:28, Dare Star 13:31 and in its lower levels, Nevėžis, the boss bassball game was first switched into the first measure. . With Escope 11:26, 11:28 – "Soybean"!

It's hard to say what will happen. Maybe bass is bad for bassball games, maybe maybe not match for matchchildren, and maybe not play the game well.

Poverty is not just a defense, but an attack. According to "Navy's performance", the average income of the average income will be less than 5. The organization is not very poor, but with many rivalries compete against sports, with very soft and "understanding".

10 (10). "Šiauliai"

Šiauliai will fight more than we can, but it is very small. It needs both manuals, and is very less in most of the cyclone attacks. Team is in the conqueror with team breaks.

The club was asked for a lobby of the Guardian, which was very weak for the logical part of our country. And Angela Vatican, the third game of the attack, is now 3.7 points in the third game, huge margin and destroy all 8 points.

Kristupas Žemaitis Last 12 could not be found long.

Let's hope the game of the team will be mobilized by the new attack on the game. It is hoped that the solar system team played three games in just 11 games. At least eight opponents were defeated in one third war – 2-10 difference difference.

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