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By Pasvalietė To Toe toys have become a real Lithuanian hit: Parents have been waiting 2 months in a row


Thomas doesn’t put much effort, but he also loves every hand in the to-do toy. The woman says that she has been interested in handicrafts and making or chewing since school time, but never took them seriously until she had a toy.

“It only came to our notice then. When I started sweaters, I usually didn’t finish them. I once had a toy. I made the first rabbit and made me do anything. He was not ideal. Now, as I remember, it probably won’t even be like a rabbit. I like the process itself, “she says.

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Photo Gallery. Hundreds of millions of people were inspired by Tomas Pascualite toys

In 2015, this first rabbit had a lesson in a video tutorial that he had, and the rabbit itself was quite young. So he started yachting and serious yacht villains. They shared the information online and online as well as YouTube videos.

“I did it one by one, I shared it with my friends at Arn. I made a lion jerry poem for my sister yen because it was her raod. That’s how it started. And I started taking it seriously 3 years ago, and then I created this page.

In fact, until now I don’t like the term crochet in Lithuania, I learned everything in English or Russian. For now, I’m self-critical and I’m still feeling like they’re not perfect, but what I say around me is that there is nothing better to do. Every rabbit I have looks different. My husband now sees hundreds of them, but all of them are the same or the same for me. I always want to give a person what they see in the picture, “she says.

Orders available until Christmas

Toma got an accountant-cashier feature, but he didn’t like counting and decided to change direction. He then completed a manicure course, but did not use the knowledge that was used for the task.

“I haven’t finished any of the features with the themes, I’m a completely self-taught person and I love the way it sounds. I worked in the bakery on night shifts when I returned, slept for a few hours, and sat down with my toys.

Sometimes I fake it from foreign countries and abroad, but my main thing right now is toy. Maybe I wouldn’t call it work. What I would like to do a lot was legally, not table this from, ”says Toma.

The toymaker laughs that a sister-in-law who broke her leg said it was enough to distribute the toys to the waste. The sister Yan’s man logo was created and a similar Facebook page “Twin Twins” appeared.

Hundreds of millions of people were inspired by Tomas Pascualte's It Hell toys

“I started with Facebook. I went to ڏ local with a local Pasvalys newspaper and interviewed. I started very early and I’m happy about it. I’ve joined groups of weapons, and many girls out there say that it’s difficult to meet customers, there’s a lack of orders, and I haven’t experienced it myself, “she says.

In fact, people have been waiting for Tom for 2 months in a row, she’s doing everything alone. In early October, we also had to suspend orders for Christmas – many of them.

“There are girls out there who work for the company, but for me then it is no longer unique, not ‘me’ anymore. I completed a Christmas order to accept Christmas orders, though that might have been done yesterday. It is still one to one today. Promise I’m not, maybe this is why people will come to me and come back, I do everything on time. I said today is enough. People are starting to ask questions for Christmas and Christmas now, but I’ve been meeting for a long time and I have been joined by one person or another, “the woman says.

The toys were completed with carpets

A year ago, Toma learned that her husband’s sister was waiting and decided to do something special. The woman immediately knew that she would not buy anything but would do it with her own hands. Thus appeared the first mat that these children made for Arn. After sharing the photo, people brought interest trees and wanted to be in a house.

One of the hardest things about painting for a painter is his review of his money-making work tree. Tom, too, it was not easy. According to the woman, weapons compensation is requested in Lithuania and requested less than that.

Hundreds of millions of people were inspired by Tomas Pascualite toys

“I think the art of each hand is worth as much as it currently asks. I would never do socks for 7 euros, for me it’s kind of a disgrace. Clearly, the market does its job. I can also ask for 100 euros, but then I have to think … I don’t think all of these crafts are worth it. Cho, but life is possible.

Price depends on size and toy model. Prices start from 12 euros, rabbits and ars up to 35 euros, and rugs and pillows already have higher prices. A lot of the toys I make depend on that wish. When I work out a business license from this under house, I can hurry in one day. I try to squeeze myself, even though I really have orders, “he says.

The dream of registering a trademark

With a warm smile, Tom says he can no longer imagine himself without a subject:

“I tell everyone that I do not get rich, but I feel rich inside myself. I see Erin’s smiles, the pictures she sends me. I’m glad with every toy I make, everyone is new and different to me, for a specific for.

There are no free toys left for the woman. She says she has cases where people who order toys from toyin developers change their minds, reject them and don’t pay. In Tom himself, such cases have happened once or twice. At home, he practically does not have handheld toys, Rono sits on a sofa in a futuristic study.

Hundreds of millions of people were inspired by Tomas Pascualte's It Hell toys

Asked what are her plans or dreams for the future, now that her thinking revolves, the woman smiles that she often thinks that it is now:

“I don’t have the opportunity to spread my work if I want to continue working alone. I wish it was mine. Toys will make more toys and more money, but I don’t need them. My dream would be to register my ToToys RAP as an official trademark. I dreamed of having a mini shop where I would sell yarns and toys, but I don’t know if I want it. I live in these days and I don’t think. I’m fine now, and we’ll see later.

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