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Chapalinsk recommends vaccinators: what is the latest date to follow and when to plan the third vaccination

As previously announced, the Ministry of Health (SAM) intends to decide in the near future whether or not the Astra Zeneca vaccines against COVID-19 should be given to young people.

On Monday, Rugilė Pilvinienė, senior consultant for the PharmacoVigilance and Poisonous Information Division of the State Drug Control Agency (IARC), announced that the first two cases of abnormal blood clots in people vaccinated with razor Zenica were registered in Lithuania, B.N. S. wrote.

Thrombocytopenia, accompanied by thrombosis, namely, sagittal sinus thrombosis – a very large vein in the sagittal sinus brain – had two cases. For both youths the age of both cases is 27 and 30 years, ”he said.

Why this is considered so is considered

The epidemiologist SD Apollinskas told the show “Delphi Rights” that the big question is whether there is an urgent need to change the vaccination policy.

“We see from the place of general information that countries are behaving differently. First, the status of very rare cases of thrombosis or thrombocytopenia has been monitored and most precisely analyzed. , “Said S. Pipolsky.

According to him, the opinion of today is that perhaps a small proportion of the population can develop certain antibodies with a certain genetic predisposition to the particular characteristics of adenovirus vectors, which may be extremely rare, very Give rise to the trend. thrombosis, thrombocytopenia.

The professor said that to eliminate this possibility, he specifically investigated the situation with “dimers and some other antiphospholipid” antibodies.

“I wouldn’t say that everyone should do it, but I found it interesting how much these things can relate to each other.

Later studies can provide confirmation or denial that such a bad event is possible if people already have a false problem. But to this day, all experts will agree that the development of these complex thrombosis with the corona virus is higher than in mice, even though a large number of people have specific genetic predispositions.

Solutions come at a price

Professing that restricting access to certain age groups to Astra Zeneca can slow the vaccination process.

“We know from experience in other countries that more than 40-50% have already been vaccinated. Adult populations (far from collective force immune), but still the virus is very clear in society. “In this way, we get what we want so that our society can be opened as soon as possible,” said S. Pplainska.

The professor did not rule out that such ideas would cause particular people to stay away from another vaccination.

“If this happens, there will be no complete exception. Basically, such people will need to be re-tested with another vaccine.

If full immunity is not developed, these people will support the virus tolerance. If some force is immune but is incomplete, then those virus strains that have the ability to steal the immune system have the ability to grow and spread rapidly. This is how the virus resistant strains and resistant strains emerge.

There are especially occasions, where there is a large number of people, where it is hot, where the virus is most commonly spread, as we would say in India or other countries, “said S. Pplainska.

It is not possible to rush to get any tuition without a specific reason

There is also considerable debate about the long time between the first and second degree vaccination of Astra Zeneca for 9-6 weeks.

“It should be emphasized that the breakdown offered by vaccination developers will not do any harm, as will the development of strong-force immunity,” Čaplinskas said.

However, experts have warned that the stability that has already been achieved, will soon increase.

“This is simple math. However, if there is no specific reason why another drug is being offered sooner, (…) it is better to delay the visa requirement, as recommended by vaccine makers. Then, The third dose, the original coaster, can be followed up in the same way, “said S. Aplinsky.

According to the expert, science is no longer suspected that over time the immune system disappears. For coronitis, this lasts about one to two years.

“It just came to our attention. Maybe – every year, “said S. Čaplinskas.

We may be able to choose another vaccine

The professor does not rule out that the population may be able to choose another vaccine during booster vaccination.

“It just came to our attention. This investigation is being done now, “said S. Applinska.

How long the force remains after the vacuum, depending on the show, can greatly depend on the individual characteristics of each individual’s immune system.

“We already know that when antibodies are tested, how many immune reactions do they have? What more antibody titers, hundreds of times may vary from one person to a thousand times. General Chat Chat Lounge

Generally, it is considered that if there is a three times more consuming value, a sufficient immune response has already developed. But some will have three times more, others may be three thousand times higher. One with which – thousands of times more, it is clear that his immune system will last longer, but unfortunately in time it will not be, “said S. Pavlinska.

For those who are fond of it and who can afford it, the expert recommends that antibiotic tests not be done two weeks or three weeks in advance.

And if anyone wants to see how his immune system works, according to one expert, one has to do the same test in the same lab.

He did not rule that this could happen and that no antibody would be found.

“Unfortunately, as in the case of some people, the immune movement does not stop or weaken,” S. Kipolsky explained.

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