Wednesday , October 5 2022

Dragūnas and Švies won the Lithuanian craft league


Hand-made fans of the Latvian Handball League (LRL) are presented by interesting and beautiful fighters who deserve each other. "Dragūnas", who started in trouble in Klaipėda Wednesday, defeated Alytus "Varsas-Stronglasas" 32:23 (15:15) and Vilnius "Light" broke "Kaunas Oak-KTU" after a struggle 34:32 (18:15 ).

The first match of the match took place in the port city, although the hosts of the site always kept the minimum. However, in the final minutes of the season, Djukis compared the score to 15:15.

After the break the fight began again from the beginning. At first the teams again played one after the other, but in the first half Dragūnas "pushed" 5: 0. Soon the gap between the guests up to 8 goals – 27:19. The Klaipėda team must finish the match at the end of the match. The match ended 32:23.

The winners achieved 9 goals by Gabriel Virbauskas, 6 – Karolis Bluvas.

After five seasons, the Alytus team was named Zygimantas Micevicus and Deivas Eidukonis.

"We missed 23 goals, if not bad, but the game was chaotic, it was visible during the warm-up period and from the first minutes of the match, no matter how I tried, I could not score and the team came out without evaluating We did not break our game in this way, we looked a bit, "- said Klaipėda manager" Dragūnas "after the wrestling wrestling. coach Arturas Juškėnas.

"We're losing, bad luck." First you have to congratulate your opponents, it was stronger. As for the match, the first half did not go well enough, maybe we had a little defense, we attacked it and everything was okay. In the second half there were no distant throws, a hundred percent chance of realization. The opponent used it, earned quick goals and let us play the rhythm of the match and their end was just a formality, "- the masquerade did not conceal the man Alyta" Varsos-Stronglasas "coach Egidijus Petkevičius.

How many more matches were followed by supporters of the capital "Light". The first meeting with Kaunas OU-KTU was very wavy. Although the home team started better, the Kaunas women scored the score in the middle of the quarter and moved forward (12: 8). In the second half of the season again "Light" again won the result in its favor (14:13). The villagers finished in the first half of the game more disciplined and went on a break with 3 goal leadership – 18:15.

In the second half of the Kaunas Oak-KTU, the score was balanced and kept alive until the second half of the quarter. Then "Light" won the 4-0 division and this fourth goal led the guests to the end of the quarter (33:29). Kaunas players did not intend to give up and the last season of the season played better and ended in two goals – 32:34.

Karl Antanavicius scored 9 goals in Vilnius, Valdas Drabavičius was 7.

Deividas Jovaisas was seventh in Kaunas, Vilius Juozaitis and Arminas Stankunas.

"We have suffered two painful defeats, which we finally wanted to get two points," said Karolis Antanavičius, the Vilnius player "Švies", before the match.

"We really appreciated the game, we did not notice it, we were preparing for the first match, but we did not have a game, the goal was to" break the game ", ie, the faster hit, sometimes succeeded, sometimes not, so we played so well and played we are, "said Deividas Jovaisas, Kaunas Oak-KTU.

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