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French News Presents – Fundamentally Modified Power Plant “Renault Magni”


The obvious changes from the obvious to the obvious are visible on the visible side. The fifth-generation Megane retains the dimensions of the model, as it is 4 meters 20 cm long, about 1 meter 80 cm wide and S&A meters, but not conventional. Hatchback He changed Cross overGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

The standard els of the model will be 18 inches in diameter, and the largest – up to 20 inches. The black-wheel yoke and this body-y-body give the impression that the fifth-generation Magni have more common ground-cleaning. HatchbackGeneral Chat Chat Lounge None of this has anything to do with it, but market dictates are why they have to go to the fashions that the French have to adopt.

At the top, the main highlights are the standalone: ​​broken-shaped daytime running lights and the latest retro-style Renault badge. On the rear side, attention is paid to the large bumper and the narrow bottom light that extends almost to the rear.

Auto pilot  French News Introduces - Basically Modified Renault Magne

Inside, drivers and passengers of the new Magni will find practically nothing to do with this model with their AE trees. The French say that low- and mid-range models will use recycled materials, while buyers of the highest quality kits can enjoy the skin. A 12-inch, ultra-high-resolution touch screen will be mounted in the center, and key readings will be visible on the digital dashboard, even 12.3 inches in diameter. True, basic models will find smaller, 9-inch and lower high-resolution center screens.

Magni will be the first Renault and one of the few cars commonly used to use the Android Auto operating system. It may also be noted that the conventional gear lever inc is born in a lever that moved from the center console to the seat of the steering wheel.

Auto pilot  French News Introduces - Basically Modified Renault Magne

The important news is that the Magni-Tech is an electric car. No petrol or diesel engines. Until now, the factory will offer versions of the models with a 40 kW battery that is approximately 300 km and 60 kW, and a theoretical distance of 470 km on a single charge.

The electric car will be powered by the powertrain, and the engine power will be 130 or about 220 horsepower. Powerful version from 0 to 100 km / h. Will accelerate in 7.4 seconds, and versions will reach speeds of up to 160 km / h. The battery will be capable of charging 130% capacity capacity of 130kW.

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Orders for the latest Renault Magnetic Tech are expected to be accepted in the first half of 2022, with the first car expected to show soon. The exact price has not been specified yet, but in the market this model should compete with Volkswagen ID 3, so the starting price should be similar – about 35 thousand. Euro.

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