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"Ghost": the fish is not a lie


"The most interesting thing is that when working with this money, I feel self-determination and self-determination is an artist. He is full of love and society, he wants to make the world more beautiful, but it is so strong. In addition, the artist can "kill" any thing – it is very difficult to be close to a great artist. It is all illiterate, the artist protects himself from his truth and feels his strength. He said, "Valentine Massis, director of John Jatts" Red ". On 22 November 19 hours, the game was presented to the audience in the Claisaa cultural factory. In addition, we talked about the Cácer's role in the performance of Dontatas Želvys, the creator of Captisa Young Theater.

What is this game

"She has written about a young and old artist. But not the helper and artist, as it might be the first to see.

We have decided that this game consists of five parts. Lastly, it's like five lessons, which is a true artist. All five scenes are in a period of two years.

In all five debates, Rosa demonstrates his own behavior, will give some lessons. Though the game begins, he is told to "teach him" Ken that he will not teach him. But still teaches

Also, the importance of the degree of art was clearly evident in the material. For a few days and hours, it should be necessary. I can ever think that I can support this fact, but today I understand that. If I want to prove something to you, I must assume that 100 percent. Because Robot is self-sufficient. But he gives him the personality of his personality. "

What do you think about the game? What did you give as a actor?

"Before reading the game, I saw some interesting things. It reflects the subject of the place, a big deal between the old and the young. However, in performance, this" old man "is great. He is an artist. We are one of the famous poet of Rocco, about whom they write even today. One of the most commonly played games is: It clearly tells us how to make him art, how often he was thinking about it. What's usually a painting … all the things we love in this content of material, they have a lot of things. True content, caste, details … Although the common people would have felt like thatIt's just an inevitable mistake. It can be seen whether it is yellow or yellow, but it is all trustworthy.

I am very interested in this game because it is one of the exhibitions of the material, in which two sides are close to each other. A great actor and spectator. As a actor, you have to be completely psychologically dependent on. No business here It can be said to be sincerely, unusual, without any natural natural effects. I thought Nazer would feel it.

And, of course, the similar performance of the same stage along with Miss مسڪيلڪي is one of the most loyal Latin actors. In addition, with Mantu Zemckck, as well as we copy. My presence in my performance is very happy with me. We are aware of V. Masalikki, if I do not make mistakes, we are working 8 years ago. And many things have taken many ideas in our work.

Do you think that the time of the artist is coming and to guide someone? After all, he will bring his students to work in the long run years of work.

"This problem is too high in the game. First of all, Chen, Robot's" assistant ", does not believe that the rope drowsles that the throat goes out, the creativity and preliminary wire will still be. However, no To see Van Gutth or Matthias, in their own work, trying to find all the artists do not die, it is a difficult question. I think that if you think about this artist, you yourself Need a home, which means you do not enter the unusual society, but think if you have the ability to still grow, you still need it. You can never even think yourself more powerful or strong for each other artist. The artist should manually see himself in a common sense, who is to understand it. We, like acting, actor, himself We are also looking at the goals, not just the world except Lithuania. I think we are not very strong. "

What to improve this power in the global terms of interest?

"I think the lack of school is the first and most important of the presence of power and confidence." Of course, I talk to my point of view, because when I ask, I have a lot of authority, I have a lot of people to see " Begins, those who are not in touch with me, because it is mostly foreigners, or those who read in those books, but I really did not have any contacts with me. The old man is not even more authorized, because they all take out that once said. That means that those who are talking to them are rejecting. It is not necessary that modern technology is not known, but it would be very profound, strong and strong inside. Of course, not all people need this method, but those who do more than the real spiritual world Maybe this method for young people is to find their own choices. I remember it very much. And Rosa is playing in the game that is talking about it, he will not leave his words. "

After all, the society and its values ​​are changing. Maybe in today's world, to reject your word and give you a believer, is already a natural human being?

"I'll go back to the person again. The art protects you from publishing yourself. You have to keep yourself in this situation and see if you give it before, because if someone believes in God, then he The first time it matters to God, it's always easy to save when we do not return anything. In the game, anyone is also speaking to others about the fact that the discourse points out to them that Death sentence on, but by answering it, how can it fade it with its young streptype and disease. "You allowed them to be silent. Because the camp is absolutely right, "said Rukko Kanya. Finally, we do not even realize that they were, press them, or what pain. And we all did them divide them into certain categories. Finally, We can not understand them. They are behind us, and the mood is not a lie.

Do you think that you are equally equally balanced in the real life of Ruttoo and Cannon? After all, Miss Masalishi is still your teacher?

"Well, some of the same. But I'm always worried like a far-off artist to think of myself. I also got to say on this word. I think he's strong enough." I thought it was very much to me. Need to learn, but there is really nothing in front of Mrs. Mrs. I and I'm trying to find and look like a artist.

When I was a teenager, artist I thought of some things, and now it's very different. My artist may probably be mad. Certainly, in a good sense. He should be ruthless. Of course, if you can see yourself at some level or level of some districts, you're always always appreciated. Nevertheless, if you start looking at yourself in a great way, open your eyes and feel realized that the real artist's home, which looks less powerful at his weaknesses.

After all, you do not have to decide whether you are an artist, and people ask him. After all, it seems unusual that you are the artist if you've started specifying a loud voice. And I mean that young does not mean, but the exact meaning of this word. "


Director – valentas masters

Actress, Wallinas Masulis, Mojaz Zimmezes, Donetsz Želvys


Music Nijolė Sinkevičiūt

The game is a game

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