Wednesday , October 5 2022

It has introduced new restrictions on forestry


K. Navicas emphasized that forestry always consists of preserving natural values ​​and economic activity. In Lithuania, forests are divided into four groups, while the fourth category, commercial forests, which allow clear felling of up to 8 hectares, forms the largest part of Lithuanian forests.

The working group was set up by a regulation of the Minister of the Environment proposing the restriction of the current economic regime in the individual forest groups.

In the second forest group – in canning and recreation forests – it is proposed to ban the main forest stands. Only sanitary felling would be permissible in exceptional cases of danger. In forest group III (protected forests) it is proposed to prohibit the cross-section. An exception would only apply if the forest had to be restored. It is assumed that in such cases, the birch area should not exceed 3 hectares. In protected areas of Group IV forests, it is proposed to reduce the area of ​​trunks from 8 to 3 hectares.

"Many state forests can be redistributed by other shreds," said Navickas.

In addition, in all areas important for bird protection it is proposed to ban all logging and logging from 15 March to 1 August.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, these restrictions should apply to both state forests and private forest owners, by adapting the Forest Act and other legal acts and by coordinating them with the public and interested institutions.

The Ministry of Environment intends to prepare the necessary legislative changes by the end of this year. Amendments to the Forest Act and other legal acts will have to be approved by Seimas.

ELTA recalls that the topic of wood extraction was particularly intensified after the government approved on 8 August that the harvest rate should be increased by 6%.

As a result of public outrage, Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis said that areas of protected areas would be expanded to consider how to better protect Labanan giraffes,

Since 1 November, the State Forest Enterprise (SFE) has introduced a ban on forestry in recreational forests and cans. Formerly planned since January 1. in protected forest conditions, prohibit the use of clean cuttings. However, these plans have been abandoned due to coherence and the proposed new order is being proposed.

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