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Nomeda Marčenaitė: "If our marriage is put to death, everyone will lose their hope".


Apart from this, which is more than five years, is not included in the friends of a ship, Television Broadcasters and the ship's ship, Palauinsas, who are making their lives under normal roof. In the city, each of them is struggling with their ordinary life, but when he gets free time, he has a proof in Triki, Triki District, to the postal. This place is the place where they are only related to their moments.

"There is a romantic place here, our romantic place. Vietts also planned to sell at home, but I wanted to think until the end of the spectrum. We started moving forward, we started moving forward, usually to stay The environment was full of skill. We have left it and now think that it is necessary to take it and sell it. "

Painted experiences were identified by Nomeda and Vital's personal life before meeting friends. The artist saved divorce from another man, and Violet buried a cancer one year ago and with a three-year-old boy. The boat captain did not believe that he could search for the second time for another.

"After the loss of my wife, I was so impressed. Then it seems that the whole world had fallen. They are children, then clearly, try to get God's name nominated, then life It's kept in the tracks that we have now seen.

According to Nomeda, there is no principle that relationships should be related to. Vetty remembers that it was time to use the fact that Nomeda was one of the leading televisionians. The owner of the ship acknowledges that the appearance of the first public was a challenge. Nomeda Marintio, which is absolutely certain to be sure to know the world's worldly loyalty, though also having no relation with thinking about having a relationship with him.

Video Frame / Code Marketio and Vitas Palukukins

Video Frame / Code Marketio and Vitas Palukukins

"I was afraid of the propaganda. I remembered the name of Nomeda," he said that some kind of thing in which he should be attended. "Ask me whether we are going to hide yet or we will gather together." "Because I knew that once it was a plan, it was not a accident, I was just decided, yes, it's time to fear, time to spend time, time and time. And a few minutes later, one Use a woman's picture before a well-known woman "- – says.

In the beginning of autumn, Billy believes that they are not plotters and they still do not talk about marriage. Both believe that they are a great deal till now and what they have learned about their lives.

Of course, we are legitimate with respect, but we will not undo this fact, neither we hope most. We have such a reputation for both, if we go to the physical chambers, we will lose all of us, what will we think about every month?

Their marriage, I think, will go to my head, again, how we will do the venture project, and we will do it. Let's have a good idea I do not think we are linked to the documents, documents. They do not change as the life has shown. Here's more about self-determination and decision-making. "- N.Marčenaitė says.

The ability to see storm life, challenge challenges, painful pain, birth-birth, positive life-life – Nomeda Maritime and Vita Polavinskassus on November 24 in the "Stellis" PLLR. 19.30

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