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Speaks about Mary Depression: One day I'm going to the end


"It started all over 20 years ago." After that, I have been described as an instant, I was very active in sports, I was very active, and I was very active. This is the reason for the illness. Yes, "told Mary's initial work of the American Drama.

As Psychological Psychology, Psychiatrist Jan Hillbeg, thinks that dollars for dollars are often seen in young people 18-18 years old. Illness Symbol: The flow of mood and energy, unchanged states, changes the bacterial euscodes when fevered or relieved. Illustrates. At the moment, young life, a human being, a transition from youth and many things in them, changes have changed, they are clearly written on the fact that the disease begins. In most cases, biblical dollars are only diagnosed when there are very clear signs.

"When there is a high level, everything is good to see, mountains can be erased, you're full of energy, but when Black ends over, you want to do everything you want, you want to live. One day I go to the net. This is bad for me, my friends, my friends, and then returned to the doctor and told Barrore Disk, "The actor has highlighted.

"Regardlessly, the critical state remains longer than a long period of time. It adds to the illness period that patients should not be cured. As you grow, you can also change once in a period of distant period. Humor shows the person, "Psychiatric illness describes.

Both the doctors and doctors have emphasized that it is very good with medicines. And, unfortunately, unfortunately, the result of extreme grief can be published, in a press conference.

"This illness is very bad. A dictation from my students is influenced by the Divorced Bibi … It was autonomous after a suicide attack," Remarking with MMish.

Protecting illness is seen in the end of others, now Marines, powerful and talked about the village. He has emphasized that it is not a shame to talk about mental illness, it is the same disease. The actor was added to his book "Dance with his anger". He believes that people who are studying do not need help.

"I am for a cure. I am against the eligibility because it does not help anything. Essential exercise help." – Maryes says and invites you to be careful about your loved ones – maybe they can help you. Need

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