Tuesday , January 18 2022

The Baptin Group adds a new member: "It was a year of bad change"


"These years were interesting for the babies, I would have changed and changed them as a year-old change, some troubles, new Washington and new ones. One member of our team – the drummer has changed. All the changes have been made of many of the many Washington's Bank came into music activity. The newest buplan song produced is an unusual sound. "Baplan Weekly Max Melan says.

The musician hopes that this year's changes will bring in different colors and other things and wondering if the fans are happy. The melomaniac ear has already reached two new songs: "Love is not over" and "You've Lost All". In the beginning of the next year, "Bipeline" intended to present its latest album, which will be completed by the end of the last record.

"Our faces in turn will appear different, because the result of our music remedies of the drummer group has changed slightly.", A surprise to the new album fan. And "baplan" fans can really surprise. For many, it was pleasant that many years ago, Andrews Braškės had a crownbird many years ago. There will also be musicians and actors in the last album, but still keeps up the 'bullin' expert and all the cards do not appear.

Photo Canyoncase / Group

Photo by Cinematiccase / Group "Biplan"

It will be crowned with a festival concert

Popular popular Baplan songs from two thousand will be available for panels till December 31. The new concert concert in the Philippines, in the hall "Valks".

Just as Baplan's Home Mail says, "we're on the beach" accident has not been put to an accident. Musicians are very fascinating. And especially the clapppa. "As it is said, how you meet new ones, and we usually do as we want with our fans, especially near the sea." – The artist will smile.

Video Baplan all of you disappear

"Baplanci" has begun inevitable tradition since the completion of nine years in concert from the beginning of its creation. The mile admits that they enjoy fun on the scene. They can not even do their work. Therefore, during musicians' requests, always be happy to always listen to people with them.

"On the last day of the year, we have been working from the beginning of birth, but we do not consider how many years we do it. Breath is a natural thing to play. It would be difficult for us to imagine our life without a baptism. We live more than half of our lives. So, I am happy to come to this group, bringing more pleasant activities to the group. "- Guestman says.

Video Baplan does not love (public video)

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