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The Drama of a Lost Suit Case: How an Irresponsible Man Can Ruin a Vacation at Vilnius Airport


I am telling you this detective, who has been with me and my friends, will warn you that you will always be prepared for such strange events. Aviation is still a complex matter, even in the simplest of cases. And it is better not to worry too much in this case, there is still nothing to be changed. And the one thing you can do for yourself is to always, in most cases, carry the important items in your hand luggage. In the event that your suit case suddenly disappears, the plans will not be wasted and the item will not close.

And everything was like this: A guy from the Valencia airport luggage department might not have been in the mood for a male last Saturday, maybe head-to-head after the ball, maybe in family issues – he remembered his department’s blue suit cases. Did not Do not load the day and one of them on time. The plane departed, leaving the suit case. I am not sure if a man did this, but the women loading the suit at the door of our capital Ani have not yet been made in the world.

They are the same

Missing suit case

ri Orejas Gasanovas

Something like this happens every day, on thousands of flights, around the world. Lost suit cases are a sad but completely normal part of the journey. They usually get lost at major airports, and even more often during connecting flights. The reason is simple: they do not manage to move them from one plane to another.
But this case, which I am describing, is different. The only direct flight was Vilnius-Bergamo. Our airport didn’t look too bad at the time, it was a quiet afternoon, without huge lines and chaos.

The Irish company departs from Ryanair Vilnius Airport half an hour late, and shortly afterwards – landing at Bergamo International Airport near Milan. An old, rather famous journey, on which hundreds of millions of people fly four flights a week and up and down the aisle.

Usually, after landing, the passenger column travels to the checked luggage check inline. And there, after waiting for about twenty minutes, it was clear that none of the three suit cases for me and my friends at the company had arrived in Milan. Although at first we thought it was lost and lost. To do so, there is a “lost and found” box at each airport, where the staff in charge of the lost villas. It was quieter still quiet than at Vilnius that afternoon at Bergamo Airport. The employee got out of his room, went to the suit case box and immediately returned with the bad news: “No, there’s nothing, you’ll need to fill out the document. It’s easy to do this: You need to have the suit case piece that you carry with you at the airport where you are leaving and your luggage checked, as well as the suit case (what color, what size, what manufacturer to be with). ) And write. Your contact information.

The employee was helpful but quite frustrating. “It only came to our notice then. The next Ryanair flight only days later, at night, even if we receive a suit case – we will have to wait until it flies back. no other company can do that because of Ryanair’s rules, “he regretted, but could not say where the poor suit case was lost. “He can live in Valencia, or he can fly in the world, he can fly and board me on the wrong plane. Then you may have to wait a few minutes, sometimes even a week or even longer, “he warned.

They are the same

Missing suit case

ri Orejas Gasanovas

No system was seen at Bergamo Airport where the suit case was lost. Computers are not always everything. But Vilnius helped call Lettuce, which operates Ryanair flights in Lithuania, to understand everything more clearly. The girl who answered the phone immediately confirmed that the suit case did not arrive on the plane in a way that she did not understand and remained in her home country. “Will you need it? I see you’re coming back soon, maybe you don’t need to send it? “Who’s selling that asked on the phone? “Send as much as we need it,” I asked, asking if it could be on the same day, connecting flights, or using airlines, possibly parcel services. “No, there’s no way. You will have to wait for the day before the next flight. No or no options, “he said.

I had heard about all kinds of compensation, in these cases about financial aid. Finally, travelers were left without personal belongings, without clothing, cleaning products, essential shoes and accessories.

In that case, we were left without a backpack that had a bank card. And this card is very important for pickup and booked paid car pick up. Aside from the card, the international rental company Sixt does not offer a car, though a person can have a card and guarantee a driver – not everything. This is the driver’s credit card that is required. It was important to have a car from another company, in addition to the previous reservation – for a larger sum. One employee asked the employee, “Glad you are getting it now because of the cars and the lack of cars, there are only a few cars left.

Such confusing things really do smell good. But while serving as a flight attendant to Vilnius, the woman became frightened that she was not working financially. “On the Form The Rio airline page, try it out there or call them,” he said. On Saturday night, no one responds by phone, does not write in the completed form on Saturday or Saturday or Sunday. The smell of compensation was raging.

A week has passed – still no compensation has been received and it is not clear if this will happen. Under EU law, as the case may be. But we will see how things are resolved.

But the story does not end with the suit case. We flew near Bergamo, Milan, but we didn’t plan to stay in Bergamo or Milan. With a group of friends, in that extra rental car we headed to the place where the vineyard – in the Piedmont area – was staying in a villa. And there we received a message that this suitcase flyer would fly to Italy in Italy day. “You’re too far away, Ryanair’s rules allow freight to be only 150 km from the airport, and you’re 220 km away.” Nothing, “said an Italian from Bergamo Airport.

They are the same

Missing suit case

ri Orejas Gasanovas

What a sad thing it was, if we and the suit would never meet again. It was already Tuesday morning, the third day had begun without it. A few calls and letters were required, a tone tone was required, and then an option appeared: On a typical day, a transfer suit could be delivered to the airport near the Piedmont area, the Tavern Airport. After confirming that this is right for us, we do not want us to lose baggage – duo – the tragedy was sent to Bari airport at the end of Italy and from Bari to the plane to Turin Airport. It took one day. And while our week-long vacation was finally falling – the suit case was already ours. 75 km from villa where we live. Call the airport, again, question again, can you deliver this suit case? And, y’know, the negative answer: No, there’s no way. Somewhere through the courier, but not necessarily tomorrow, maybe the day after the storm.

After those complaints, we realized that there was no way to get the other out – we were going to get him in a tour. That is what we did. The suit case appeared.

A dark, humorous, and often frustrating story in which you, the person who paid for travel and luggage, realize how much you value this confusing confusion system.

A lesson for the future: It’s not. Suit cases continue For travel, we will continue to register them. And now, every time we get it, we will feel like we have won the trip to the airport carousel. “There will be no problems for three days,” we think. Well, for those who are comfortable, suitcases still arrive at their destination more often than ever before.

And I would like to thank Vilnius Airport for the man who did not load our suit case on time and on the plane. You didn’t do that and forget about the minute. And we think about you this week.

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