Friday , May 27 2022

The “galgiris” difficulties continue: uliauliai wins an easy victory, but is lost to E.Mudiay


At the end of the half, during a quick attack, E.Muday tried a layup but missed, but found a block from Donatas Sabeckis and came off as hurtful. One of the team’s leaders was injured in the knee from one of the trees.

The injured defender could not continue the match and was left field with the help of only fellow clubs. Before he got injured, he managed to score 11 points.

Although E.Mudiay had knee injury issues in the past, Mindaugas Kvedaras, head of the galgiris club, said the injury to the injuryalgiris was not serious.

According to M. Kweedar, in the mid-afternoon of the meeting, coach Jury Zodovic did not want to endanger E.Mudiay’s health, and should be ready to face the Europa League player Bayern Munich.

The Cannabis team performed in perforiauliai without the injuries of the injured Jeffrey Lourgni, Pollys Jancnas and Janis Strelnikas, and Niles Gaffee was not seen at the park.

Antennas Srica students became their favorites in the first half, with uliauliai led by 19:18 at the end. However, in the fourth quarter, the benefit of galgiris is no doubt a success.

Before long intervals, the people of Algiers 21: 4 rin and open and 48:29. In the third half, the guests started to outshine their opponents, ush, 56:31.

In the last quarter, Šiauliai-7bet did not work miracles, and Žalgiris, which increased its profits even more, won the season’s victory.

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