Tuesday , July 5 2022

Victoria's Secret introduces a new fantastic bra for millions of dollars Names


This year, Elsai Hosk, who is at the age of 30, was awarded the Fantasy Bra model. During this year's exhibition, Victoria's Secret in New York demonstrates Fantasy Bra bra.

This bra was specially designed by Victoria's Secret for Atelier Swarovski. The cost of a bra is $ 1 million: it requires 2,100 diamonds and topaz made by Swarovski and its silhouette is made of silver.

Instagram photo / Elsa Hosk and Bra Fantasy Bra

Instagram photo / Elsa Hosk and Bra Fantasy Bra

True, while the overall estimate of millions of dollars on a bra looks impressive, however, Fantasy Bra bracelets are getting worse every year: that's the price of 2 million last year. USD (EUR 1.8 million), she was presented with a bra for 3 million dollars. USD (EUR 2.6 million), and in 2014 Victoria's Secret presented at the same time two brassieres worth a total of 4 million. USD (€ 3.5 million).

And the most expensive bra Bra Fantasy was created in 2000, its value was up to 15 million. USD (EUR 13.2 million).

Good news for Victoria's Secret: This year's Fantasy Bra Bracelet will be available for permanent customers this month: later this month, Bracelet Fantasy Bra with Swarovski crystals will be sold at stores and online and will cost $ 250 (220 EUR).

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