Wednesday , August 17 2022

Why is it important to report side effects?


Children are not small adults. Do you know that children can get medications without chilling when they are pregnant or breastfeeding if they are used by their mother? Did you know that side effects of medicines sometimes appear right after many years?

Today, in 32 countries around the world, the Social Media Campaign "Drug Safety Week" (medsafetyweek) should highlight the importance of reporting ADRs.

The vast majority of European countries, including Lithuania, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East, have joined forces and encouraged society to become more active. This time, the main attention is paid to children and women during pregnancy and breastfeeding who need to take medication, for example on November 20th. The United Nations traditionally commemorates the World Children's Day.

Both this day and the Social Week Safety Week campaign, which created special animated movies (this is seen on Facebook at the IWT), aims to promote international communication and increase the welfare of children. The campaign is supported by the World Health Organization NRV Monitoring Center, the European Medicines Agency, the European Commission and various international patient organizations in Uppsala, Sweden.

According to NLC experts, although medicines in Lithuanian pharmacies are safe and effective, they may have side effects. It is very important that health professionals and patients, including parents and carers, as well as people planning or waiting for a child, understand the risk to public health. Side effects of the drug can be very diverse: both headache and stomach pain, skin rash, flu-like symptoms and the feeling of something wrong is just that. It is important to note that any notification of suspected adverse reactions contributes to the safety of medicinal products and at the same time increases public awareness of the drugs used. It also helps other patients avoid future damage and it is safer to prescribe medicines to doctors. Unfortunately, not all people, even those who have experienced drug side effects, are informing them. Why? According to inland waterway experts, it is likely to have several reasons: some may have forgotten, others did not consider it an important point, the third did not even think that the unpleasant feelings could have been caused by the use of drugs.

It is also important to remember that children and children can respond to drugs differently from adults. It is therefore extremely important for parents and caregivers to read the package leaflet, carefully follow all the instructions contained in this leaflet and ensure that the child-administered dose is appropriate. If you expect or plan to become pregnant, if you are breast-feeding and need a cure, talk to your doctor as medicines may affect your baby's development. In addition, it should be noted that sometimes NRV manifests itself not only immediately, but after many years.

IOPT recalls that there are several ways to report drug-related adverse drug reactions, including drug inefficiency: through the Internet via VAPRIS:, doctors https: // www., as well as email. E-mail [email protected], by post and a free 8 800 735 68 (for residents). Not only the harmful and undesirable effects of the indications and doses included in the SPC, but also the use of the medicinal product in the absence of approved conditions of use, as well as misuse (for example, use of improper medication, misuse, preparation, confused drug power, etc.). It is also necessary to report cases of abuse. VET supports the public to be more active and to contribute to the safety of medicines.

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