Friday , May 27 2022

هن These vehicles have been ordered to the passengers at the PARK Border, found passengers not fully toxic.


IPOA (Program): Business transactions, delivery and visits to a sick family member were among the reasons that were hampered by drivers and passengers who were not fully vaccinated against COD-19. During police checks on international trip to Gerik-Jeli highway (October 15).

Perak police chief Datuk Mayor Friedlathash Wahid (Picture) Vehicles trying to cross the state border on KM9 and heading to Singai Libby, Garrick, Clayton and Kedah on the R-West Highway, were not allowed to cross the state lines and back, he said. Ordered to return.

“These vehicles also included a lorry that used to be excused for delivery, but police investigations revealed that the driver and attendant had not received full vaccination,” he said when contacted by the program, here, Sunday (October 17). General Chat Chat Lounge

Meanwhile, he said police patrols showed the traffic flow was smooth on the highway, with no casualties reported in accidents from Friday to Sunday.

On the pictures of the traffic rush that went viral on Friday evening at 4pm, the gray-jetted highway is heading towards Kelton on KM1.5, saying that the traffic flow would not last long.

“The jam happened because people were visiting for a holiday to Clinton with the Prophet’s ceremony from Friday until Tuesday (October 19),” he added.

Highway soldiers were checking for drivers and passengers in vehicles that were crossing the border, said Com. Mayor Faridalrash. – Program

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