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A microbiome of rapidly tested veggies can help us monitor the risks of pregnancy.


Scientists have figured out a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to monitor the microbes community in human vagina.

With a simple swab, the test can give the metabolic profile in less than three minutes, up to eight hours of current technology. What’s more, that is, a new analysis can also infect the inflammatory marker from the host itself, which can indicate whether there is a bacterial infection in the game or not.

For those who are pregnant, such information can be life-saving.

During pregnancy, if a vaginal infection develops in the uterus, it can lead to pregnancy loss and the risk of premature termination. In fact, pre-adoption with infection is one of the leading causes of death for infants worldwide.

“It’s the first rapid-testing device of its kind and can be easily transmitted to use in a clinical setting,” says David MacIntyre, a researcher specializing in medicines originating from Imperial College London.

“This information can be used by doctors and patients to monitor the risk of preterm birth but also to help improve treatment, such as the selective use of antibiotics.

Researchers intend to seek regulatory approval for the test, although we are limited to what we can predict.

And the dish microbiome itself is still a mystery to this day, possibly even from the oyster gut microbiome, which is saying a lot, given how little we know about it.

Unlike the gut, which approaches diversity, recent research suggests that the lack of diversity in the vegan microbiome is actually better.

When a microbe is known Lactobacillus crispatus Regulates during pregnancy, it is a health sign, protects against immune response and, in turn, premature.

But when some microbes grow out of control, the bacteria are protected by the name of vaginosis, L. crispatus Is over This type of microbial imbalance can lead to miscarriage, premature birth defects, and even the risk of HPV infection, which means reduction L. crispatus May allow doctors to identify which pregnant patients are most at risk of complications.

Unfortunately, when the new test was able to read 5 the microbial composition and immune status of 365 people during their pregnancy, it was a poorly acted extractor that would eventually give birth prematurely. The analysis can identify the risk factors on which the doctor may place their eyes.

“This is not surprising given the fact that preterm birth is a multifactorial disease that can occur for a variety of reasons, including non-microbial and non-immune-related causes,” the authors write.

That said, a new analysis of the results of swabs suggests that pregnant people who have been found to have bra cysts in their erv breasts, to prevent pre-birth births from being born, are actually at risk of being exposed to inflammation before birth. Inflammation of associated appetizing dishes.

words In these words, a popular preventive method of siphoning off of these popular diseases can very well cause them.

In addition, if the uterus is strengthened with a variety of substances, it does not cause the cause alone as much as the infection or inflammation.

These results have been supported by a previous study, by some of the same authors, who found that such lines were infected with bacterial infections, inflammation and premature ejaculation. Increasing risk of death.

“The ability to provide such information changes the point of view to guide clinical decision-making and ultimately improve outcomes for these women and their outcomes,” the authors write.

The new test can help us do just that.

This study was published on ۾ Nature CommunicationsGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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