Friday , September 30 2022

Actor Omaha Maheshwari gives the costar of the real cause of his real death – Video – Tamil News


We have already heard the shocking news for you that actress Uma Maheshwari, who played the role of Vijay in the classical serial “Matty Ole”, suddenly passed away this morning, surprising fans and actors or actors and actresses. She was 40 and 40 years old and is survived by her husband Morgan and sisters Yerner Vanja and Sunita. We came in contact with veteran actress Shanti Williams, who played the role of Emma’s mother in ‘Mattie Ollie’, which sheds light on what really happened.

Shanti Williams said, “Uma Maheshwari is like a daughter to me. I was astonished to hear of his death. I don’t know how God takes those people who are still living to this very young age. God is really questioning the existence of God when we see events happening.

Shanti Woldick said, “We also learned that Uma Mishori had been in prison for the past few months and was undergoing treatment but had recently recovered. I believe I am unable to believe that she does not exist.

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