Thursday , October 6 2022

Apple's next A13 chip code "light", features new 7nm processors and hardware versus


From ARM Security Lunghorn, Apple is already working on its next-generation mobile chip. Following the Apple's general inappropriate project, the next outlet will be called Apple A13. The new chip is "light", and Apple is the most advanced work.

The next Apple Lighting Chip is created on a 7nm processed node, which performs the same sound performance on the current Apple A12 chip. In addition, the A13 chip apple will improve the standard treatment procedures and hardware and software levels, and improve its efficiency. The analyst has suggested that the A13 Apple A12 chip will reduce at least 10%.

Shortly the Taiwanese semiconductors, or MCCCCs, are specifically preparing Apple Writing Chip. It will be 7nm processed node, 5nm still has a beautiful fracture frame. Please refresh faster than the brightness of the 7nm EUV processor, when up to 10% less energy. It will also improve the life of the batteries!

Apple E 13 Chip is also based on hardware features Longhorn's kitchens Apple SPD. With a handwriting, the A13 chip can be much faster than its past, thanks for the fast and accurate performance analysis.

Other reports also indicate that a modern version of the Apple A13 chip is also in progress, which is especially possible for Apple MacBooks and possibilities. We do not believe that if Apple is ready to shoot at AtC.Cews in his MacBook lineup, however, we will not say any of the more advanced A13 chip in the next member.

Apple strives to conquer all the stadium markets or at least end-end segments along with them, thus making progress to give other designers the best way. This healthy competition is usually great for the user and all smartphone market. Apple A12 Chip is the only one to remove the dance chips. We can safely say that executable right is a powerful Apple Apple A13 chips.

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