Thursday , October 6 2022

The last ultimate battery test of the YouTube Meta 20 ProReturn


This is a preview that you know: It's a bit late, you're a daily day, get all the stuff, when you suddenly realize that your phone batter is almost dead. Before you work, you get one evening friends before 30 minutes before you work. what you do?

Now you have heard the recent flagship of Met 20 Pro, which started with the Great Fountain in London. It is a visually impressed weapon that packs a group of class-leadership features, lined with a tip-rally camera, such as a ID-like Done Sensing File Camera, a Displays Fingerprint Censor, and the first 7-meter meter Chip on any Android phone. But this fact is to be a bad betrayal, thank you for some important patrol specimens.

The first includes a 4200 MHB bit in Mat 20 Pro. It's a great seal, with a look at the device size. To compete, Samsung's Galaxy S9 + uses a 3500mAh battery similar to the same size in one body. Of course, there are other 4000+ mega cells with other other Android flags, but it's usually far off, and are usually generally physically large devices. That means that you are likely to be less than a little later than ever.

Then speed is the speed. Whenever the IvyFz is producing a 25-horn super lamp text for the ship being boiled with a 5W charger. It's fasting, but the new 20W company has a new 40W super-tech feature, which is still quick. A 30-minute session of a rendered 40W charger is a 70% charge charged. In his case, the first Champion, WinPlus 6, which got up to 50 percent in 30 minutes. In the above mentioned scenario, you will be charged with an Charged Meet 20 Pro.

The fastest of the wireless charging is the standard on the immediate electronic phone, and it's a new exciting day in Hua. Matt 20 Pro 15W Wireless Speed ​​Charger features, which are still very small in key-device devices, and up to 10 minutes or 30% 30 percent in 30 minutes. It's good, but in fact, that will eliminate the party will charge the wireless reverse. Yes, your Met 20 Pro returns to a valid virus charger, so you can share your idle and gallax with friend-friendly friends.

So, does this wonderful bureaucracy possibly be possible? For Matt 20 Pro, Hawaii has created a new lithium-ion bitrate which usually uses nitrogen-dipped carbon and silicon material in the arena instead of graphic. It allows a better lithium-ion migration, which enhances rapidly increasing, rapidening, and improves battery life. It's also safe, and all systematicallyCharger can be accessible to Billing – TÜV RENLANDLAND Certificate is certified, which is one of the world's highest quality standards.

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