Tuesday , January 18 2022

The precautions to engage in Chinese community over the A.CRD


DP Secretary General Laghman Angh says that after having a video of Multi Communities, Innovation had gone to it that the social students were wired on social media after getting funding for the Chinese temple.

Pillow Jaya: Deputy Secretary General Lawn Gengen today expressed concerns about the extremist extremist extremist extremists between the Malaysian community using issues related to the signing of the United Nations Rights Agreement.

According to the Portal, China Meteorological Meetings of China Dallas met today for 90 minutes and told that some political parties and individuals were using the international convention on the end of international convention (ICERD) on the end of personal discrimination. As well as other generation issues.

Litter was meant to prepare attractive for the Plant Amo-PS Rail's on December 8 at IRDD.

He said that even though further progress could be increased, it can be followed by peace.

To date, the government has announced that it was against the verdict of the agreement to be issued against the serious groups of mass opposition groups and political parties, warning that ICERD is a threat to the positive action policy of Malaysia.

The meeting told the editors that some girls were connected with the community's ability to handle the verification issue, when it was not the case.

"In fact, we are amazed that this problem was suddenly excluded from someone else's 14th general election.

"Chinese needs to understand the changes and changes in the community social community – they do not need to be done after the December 8 rally.

"Although we are not directly linked to Chinese community, we should be warned.

"While it is said to be the survival issue (Malaysia), then we will make the other community a target." He was told Malaysian's statement.

Lam has said that he has become aware that after a video of the social community it was inaugurated that he was financed for the Chinese students in the Chinese temple.

He said that with these "bad intentions", these problems have to be addressed to protect any political status.

"Some parties may not be able to get rid of their corruption labels and they need to take care of their tax management.

"So they are calling extremists to change the ideas," he said.

Long said that the current situation does not need to know the public more.

Bagan MP did not respond when he was asked to keep the standpoint on ICERD.

Star told that in October 8, the organizer of the Red Lampur was confirmed that the government's decision did not win the ECRD's verdict.

Aminuddin Yahya, secretary of the Muslim-Muslim NGO, Amin said on December 8, the reel projects have been issued, but as a celebration at this time.

The daily Umm said that secretariat Kadulin is called Nagara, along with another group, the regiment of the Darwinist Darwinist was organized. Both PAS and Amino had already announced that they would join Reelly.

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