Tuesday , January 18 2022

To take steps to Mei I.C.A. Aashan Ghazi


The Malaysian Global Innovation and Development Center (MAII) has announced that the resignation of CEO Iran Ghazi has given its resignation after the leadership of the agency for more than two years.

His last day's agency will be on December 12, 2018.

On today's brief information of a media, Ashraak said that the organization is now officially set up by the ministry of Ministry of Developmental Development (MEP). Previously, it was with the appropriation of $ 5050 million under the Ministry of Finance.

MDI was established in 2014 Forces will be removed After the general election of Malaysia, on 9th May as the government is ignoring its budget. During this 4 years, the government has referred to $ RM197 million. Election Post, Magic Chairman and former Treasury Secretary General Ayyan Sir igar has been transferred from all the duties of the ministers.

"We are taking RM50 million with the budget. Until 2019, we are currently running the same power. [Under MED]We can now completely bang to the internationally-based port Portic-related policies. We will continue with the Ministry of Initiative and Innovation Agencies. It breathes fresh air to offer us our policies, "he said.

His resignation on the resignation said that he has considered resigning as a CEO of Malaysia, the founder of the Malaysian Central Intelligence Services Company, Malaysia.

"But on May 9, 2018 and the decision is delayed because I have to ensure that things are right to invent before it. As soon as I am confirmed, Mig's Degree will be given to me. Accept your resignation. I'm still ready to support the MAC in consultative point of view, "he added.

The current Chief Financial Officer of the Asian Emperor Amiruddin Abdul Shukur will be Executive Executive. He refused to reveal that the ministry has identified the successors for his role.

In addition to this, it has also added one unit to the year 2018, the IIS "90" 392 Internnors and 984 Initial Opportunity, which started up to $ 106 million from 24 million months of partner and fast-paced programs. Has been

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