Tuesday , January 18 2022

Against Waltian Python Influenza – Manso Press


Sean Bonavora, Kobala. – With the aim of applying vaccine against Ministry of Health Influenza, visit San Diego Refugees grandparents.

Directors were involved in applying for registration and registrations, along with the asylum seeker's nurse.

Nurses also discussed the health and wellness of Kohli Health Health.

"Usually, small people have been allocated to small people, ordinary 6 years of age, children of elderly people, permanent degenerative diseases (diabetes and hypertension) people who work in hospitals, pregnant women and open habitats, Personally, work for grandparents is more effective because vaccine is free and it should be applied every year, because varicus changes people and low levels are the number that increases respiratory illness. "

The asylum director thanked the Health Ministry's visit, because of the old adolescence vaccine they know that vaccine is not to prevent the flu, but to avoid influenza, and although in shelter, scratch or body Cold potatoes

Narsin said what is the symptoms of flu is that time.

"Influenza symptoms include headaches, acne pain, nausea, high degree"

Recommendations are fruits and vegetables, which include more vitamin C., water and alcohol, sheltered children and elderly, elderly and nose, to avoid breathing in cold air, such as frigrantitis and lar antigens.

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