Tuesday , May 17 2022

AMLO assumes the second National Refinery


Mexico City – In addition to the new Tabasco refinery, another government does not exclude the construction of a second factory in Campeche, said Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Upon arriving at Campeche airport, the elected Chairman of the Pemex Chief Executive Officer confirmed the state and announced that consultations will be held to build the Mayan train and the second refinery.

"In Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche will be Pemex, it is a commitment we have made, and we will also build a Mayan train.

"First, we will begin construction (refineries) in Dos Bocas, Paraíso, Tabasco, because there is a sea terminal, there is oil from the Gulf, but it is not excluded that another refinery will be built in Atasta, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche.

Tabasco reiterated that all infrastructure projects supported by his government would be subject to consultation with citizens, as was the case with the abolition of the new Texcoco airport.

"First, we need to consult (on the Mayan train) so that citizens can decide, in all cases, citizens will make a decision, that is, democracy," he said.

In the case of a Mayan train, he added, there will be a consultation involving the indigenous communities of the peninsula and the southeast.

"All communities will be consulted as set out in democratic practices.

"It is no longer the time to save what happens that some people do not want to accept a new reality and stand up against the citizens they are consulted with, but we ask people and if people say no, but people will say yes," he said with.

This week, Rogelio Jiménez Pons, who has been named another holder of the Fonatur, announced that in 2019 he will ask for an initial budget of 6 billion pesos at the start of the Mayan Train project, whose total investment was estimated at 150 billion pesos.

The architect, a team member responsible for project planning, said that this amount was preliminary and could have requested an increase in public resources.

López Obrador traveled to Campeche last Friday night and said he would have two days off at the company of his family.

He would also use his free time to prepare the speeches he will make on his protest march as President of the Republic, the first decade.

"I came to stay two days in Campech with my family, we will rest for two days," said Tabasco

"I will write and review some of the texts to prepare for the start of a new government," he told local media.

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