Tuesday , January 18 2022

Atlético de San Luis Antarctic: Round, Sections & Videos


Etio de décor He took an important advantage Alfonso Lastras Stadium Because they won a victory over 3-0 Atlante On the siege SIMM SIM

Sindh Goods I With lace He shows his power from the beginning of the match, because on 3 minutes he helped to open the setting, Cord shot, Ani Bubble Received that one was sent Hair In the bag Purpose.

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The people of the house continued with their domains, practically eliminated from the field Iron deficitHowever, it was up to 27 months when the other purpose was to come up to the top of the top Ian Gonzales That does Round Goalper. Just woke up with that match to break.

In the first seconds, ie Atlante He saw a path to reduce the distance of one board, but all his efforts were on one side Purpose.

Despite this, With lace I was discovered for the first purpose, which was less than 73 when Jorge Alberto Censz Use a response Round Goalper To send a ball to the nail.

with him, Atlante Will receive With lace Next Sunday, in the field of November 25 Registration Quintana Roo in the back to J. Right.

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