Sunday , August 14 2022

Destroy the video game storage because it was not possible to return Fallout 76 | Video games


Fallout 76 he did not have the expected debut at least as far as the players' opinion is concerned. Part of the franchise community did not end up with the assimilation of a new title with online, apart from some of the failures and problems that he introduced in the early days of his life.

Bethesda Game Studios released a new update (48GB) to polish these bugs but not all were so patient with Fallout 76.

From the United States, we get the story of a game user who has decided to go to the store GameStop return the copy that was received when it was started.

Dependents from a video game room who do not have the confirmation that they verify that the purchase was being made at this facility then offered the opportunity to have a voucher that could happen in the store.

A solution that, according to what you see in this video, does not end with the satisfaction of a client who then attacks everything that is ahead of him.

Destruction has no justification, even if the game is good, bad or fair, even if the return trade policy is on time or not.

The funny thing is that after seeing how the shop was destroyed, the phone clerk answers as if nothing has happened.

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