Thursday , October 6 2022

Gabriel Soto talks about the STD saying he infected Geraldine


"It's enough!" The actor said Gabriel Soto before all the rumors, slander (some of them very unpleasant) around him, just like his ex-wife Geraldine BazánThis week TVNotas reported that telenovela beau infected human papilloma mothers of their daughters, because of their infidelity.

Through its social networks, Gabriel Soto He made a statement that demanded respect not only for him but also for his daughters and Geraldine Bazán,

Annoyance on such sensitive issues has consequences. For the same reason, I demand respect for myself, but above all for my daughters and my daughter's mother. Divorce remains family ties and I will always defend my good reputation at all costs.

Meanwhile, who did not say a word about it Geraldine BazánAccording to TVNotas, a person close to the actress said: "He was many times unfaithful, hurt and she forgave many things for love."

Without being a woman who walks with one and the other, she has to give up the fact that she is a woman, and that is why she has contagious things she has not even sought. Gabriel infected him with human papillomaviruses long ago.

The source, which was consulted by the above-mentioned magazine, is the actress Geraldine Bazán He has done a human papilloma treatment and fortunately he is healthy today, but he can not say the same thing Gabriel Soto,

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