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GTA 6 in detail! Release date, history, trailer and characters from this installment of Rockstar Games | Video games


Grand Theft Auto V came to market on September 17, 2013 for a memorial PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Rockstar Games has struck this delivery because it has become even more enchanted by the open world and things you can do in the big city. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One they are the console of the moment they receive GTA 6

Today, GTA V is considered one of the most popular video games and is one of the most playable online versions and variations that some users have made available to the community to enjoy and enjoy the best possible way.

Although it is true Rockstar focuses on income Red Dead Redemption 2 , it is not hard to imagine that we will soon have more news about the legendary saga, which will last for more than five years, without renewing, at least not another complete supply.

There is hope to see a new one GTA soon? In this article we will review some of the historical licensing information along with the information of its creators to find out all the necessary information about the following and, Grand Theft Auto,

GTA 6 Release Date

Although it is true GTA V was launched in the distant year 2013, Rockstar Games is updated GTA Online adding original content to new game modes, missions, and constant technical support to keep players on their servers.

This caused the company to have no rush to start another franchise title, given the average of the constant players and the fact of continuing the same generation of graphics with PS4 and Xbox One,

Some experts suggest that if Rockstar plans to run a new one GTA I'll announce it soon. According to Game pint, a video game specialist Michael Patcher commented that this game may be as far as advertising in 2021 and its final release was scheduled for 2022,

If confirmed GTA VI It will have the same graphics as Network Dead Redemption 2 , the development process would be long, perhaps focusing on the new generation of consoles, as they would call it PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett,

GTA 6: how much will it cost PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Two, Xbox Scarlett and PC?

GTA VI, as mentioned above, it is very likely that it will be released in the next generation console and will have a simpler version for the console. As far as the price is concerned, the date is so far that it can not be accurately predicted how consumer habits will change to the public. Rockstar.

However, based on its latest release, it would be Network Dead Redemption II , and if the current price trend continues in the PlayStation Store, GTA 6 It could cost about $ 70, rising to 240 or 300 soles in national official stores for shipping costs.

GTA 6 characters: Will there be new anti-heroes?

It's a constant in games Grand Theft Auto that the protagonists are anti-heroes, characters with a dubious morality that by history buys the mistake of the past or tries to achieve the evolution of their person.

In the last installment we met Franklin, Michael and Trevor, who played in the whole story GTA V, Before this delivery, other video games allowed you to watch the life of only one.

For the next issue Rockstar, it is very likely that we will return to the pattern of a common story, thus having different research boundaries of a complicated conspiracy involving more than one person and controlling the player.

What is certain, if the same line of development is still observed, are the following anti-heroes GTA 6 they would be delinquents or young gang members who are looking for their promotion in the mafia of their city.

Trailer GTA 6

There is no official trailer available today GTA 6 or if you want to test it. Likely, Rockstar decide to release the trailer of your new game a few days before your announcement, so you will have to wait for something to be confirmed to see ahead.

However, the visual modes created by some community members GTA V it looks like a game of the current generation of consoles:

What will the GTA 6 map look like?

When a map comparison is made between Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in the front section GTA V, it can be seen that the size of the places to go, including missions, tourist spots, roads and all other options, has almost doubled.

For the next installment, the map is expected to be re-expanded to give the player full experience with the sand, allowing him to travel through the air, sea, land and doing what most users do when testing GTA: Complete destruction.

News and rumors about GTA 6

At this point, the only key we have about the video game Michael Patcher, video game analyst who predicts the release GTA 6 not sooner 2022The biggest hope the franchise fans have is that Rockstar Games is paying this franchise as much attention when Red Redemption 2 is on the market.

A few months ago, something special happened on GTA's PCs. It turned out that several players GTA V and GTA Online has received a number of strange game reports and announcements during the release games GTA VI'm in 2019.

However, it could be a hacker attack on Google's servers Rockstar, because until now there is no news that there is a new one GTA close

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