Tuesday , January 18 2022

Inflation is enlarged – El Doraris de Yucatán


The engine expects 4.56 percent a year

Mexico. The NCCC records the annual rate of 4.56 percent in the first half of November, which is told to the NGO.

The month's first part of the month represents the decrease in the value of the feeder by the middle of October.

This decision represented its lower level in the last 10 castles. Survey survey was below the decline by the analysis by Bloomberber, which was priced at 4.61 percent.

Overall, the basic part of the index, which involves merely the performance of consumer goods and services, eliminating the aggravation of aggravation and the cost of the previous price such as energy and transportation, up to 3.63% over the years.

In the middle of this component, it has been done that the increase in goods and services increased by the second half of October, compared to regular 3.87% and 3.39% reported in different situations.

In non-basements which cost the goods and services that are influenced by foreign factors, such as climate or international market, annual appropriation was 7.46%, the first one from the first night

On the other hand, the Government has continued to reduce the power of power and power, to collect three castes, registering 10.58% in the lower direction.

Despite the power of energy generation, electricity was the production which could be at least 23.39 percent during the first fifteen days of November. Cyber ​​trim, other fresh fish and tombs are also increased by 21.62 percent, 11.10% and 940% in their order.

In its biological change, infation increased by 0.61%, the dependence component increased by 0.19% and rose non-core ingredients 1.89%. -L. Finance

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