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Four months of medical units that treat cancer in Baja California A drug that is used for breast cancer chemotherapy for cancers and cancers.

Abraham Felix Moss, the Under Secretary of Health in Baja California, explained that the drug is the name Blomikina, And the shortage is due to the fact that despite the villas in Mexico, the US and Europe, there are no livelihoods.

Considering the lack of medication, Felix Moss pointed out that oncologists from these medical units have a alternative way to look for alternative therapies, so that cancer patients can be better served.

Appeals were lodged with the indication that authorities were forced to provide medical care in the breast cancer area, but maintained that they had never denied the service.But on some occasions they have not been able to provide the medication provided Shortage

“Absolutely nothing was denied, I can say, there is a specific drug called bleomycin that we did not have supplied nationwide, we do not have,” he defended.

“If I can tell you what we said with vaccination, the fact is you have protection, I guarantee your treatment, but if I have a shortage in the country, eventually we will not get it, Protection is not necessary, unless we have to pay for the way ”, he said.

“I’m not against the Emperors, they have the right to sue us if they think our care is lacking, but no one has been denied, we don’t have this drug, we have foreign medicines abroad. Has done in Europe. There is a coat on the sides, “Lual Appeal Felix Mass.

“It can be used (in cancer treatment) from children to adults to adults, there is 98% supply, and this is one of those we have a shortage of, if it is necessary, but we are seeing c oncologists. As a solution to some alternative treatments. “, Mentioned.

Infectious Disease- Cancer

The doctor acknowledged that the epidemic complicates patients’ and breast cancer in general and breast cancer, however, the main problem was that people did not come to the treatment in the first year of safety.

“Certainly in everything, it has been complicated since the cesarean section, any type of surgery, we have fewer patients in surgery, as big a person can expect, there is a 26-day delay, breast. In cancer, there are surgeries. Less than a week, ”he announced.

“The epidemic reduced our reduced incidence, this year we had 198 cases, and 110 deaths, 519 cases of breast cancer were detected last year, but there are still three months left,” he explained.

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“Most of the cases we detect in October, that is when we deliver vouchers, we spread and many women will have to have their mammography done in October,” he reported.

“Last year we detected 200 fewer cases than in 2019, and, wow, what I’m saying is, give us the epidemic, the message of staying home is to stay home and not take care of yourself,” he Said. General Chat Chat Lounge

“On average, we have 600 new breast cancer cases in the state, but if I follow my average, last year it dropped to 200, which I expected, if not all women were left untreated. And if the treatment is there, there will probably be a return. “He came.

All the masterographers are working in Mexico and the mammography was done by 2020, 2020, but, of course, he reassured, but it was always observed that the rebound is in the month of October. Campaigns of the month “Rosa”, Breast referring to the fight against cancer there.

Breast cancer and neck cancer are the leading causes of death for women in Mexico and Baja California, both of which are completely prevented, the Under Secretary explained.

The invitation is to all women The doctor said that those aged 25 and under should have a breast examination, and that those aged 40 years should have a mammogram every few years.

He said 44% of cases of breast cancer occur between the ages of 45 and 54, this is the group, since the mortality rate was considered high, YD, 8% of diagnosed women die.

“Sometimes if you have a hereditary factor, it is not possible to prevent it, but if we detect it in a timely manner, it is 100% curable like most cancers,” the official said.

They must be punished

The goal is to make women lose their grief for three to four minutes while giving a scan or mammogram, embarrassing that one of the first reasons women didn’t go for their checkups was to share Abraham Felix Mass.

“Someone told me that the study was painful, yes, but I can assure you that a mastectomy, a breast removal, is very painful, in addition to the physical pain, the psychological pain that it will cause you,” said the Under Secretary. Understand it Health.

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