Thursday , June 17 2021

Luplio Riviera premiered the rap single with Sinop Doug and Elleman

??? Big leagues ?? The theme is that Lupulee River Enter the world of rap with singing Snoop DoggCYNDI WANG LOVES YOU DOWNLOAD GermanCYNDI WANG LOVES YOU DOWNLOAD Santa Fe Clan H The original, An environment he acknowledged for years and he thought he could combine with Mexico’s regional support. The song premiere will be performed on digital platforms this Friday, May 14th.

??? I have always loved rap, I dreamed that he collaborated in that genre and achieved that, thanks to George L. Pergen (his producer), I feel that the song will be liked by all kinds of people. , no matter. If you play Alex Laura or Louis Mingle, because it has an atmosphere that makes you dance ??

The song is influenced by El Corteiro’s Corrido, which he composed with his brother Young in 1996, but when it was decorated, he decided to make a genre of fiction by inviting every rapper to write a verse and add it. General Chat Chat Lounge Rivera wants to do more in this genre, though he believes people are ready to enjoy different genres in the same show.

ـ Music has no boundaries, no matter how you sing or sound, the sound transmits humans to any genre. We’re working on this song to create another idea, because we want to tour with them, that each one has their own 45 minutes and then I enter because when people dance and drink in the head. Is, with a singer. Mariachi always comes out and the atmosphere is high ?? , he said.

Given the criticism that would come from rap fans, Alman and the Santa Fe Clan said that they have grown accustomed to it and although they are loyal to hip-hop, they enjoy this type of collaboration, so they can reach out to them. Don’t pay attention.

He says that Lopilo speaks

It was made public on Wednesday after his ex-wife Miley Alonso Baja was arrested at Los Cabos Airport in California, accused of attacking a flight crew of husband Valaris, assuring the singer that her children were OK.

All I can say is that I have one hundred percent of my kids, I’m happy with my kids. What is currently paying attention to me? Major Leagues ?? , But I guarantee my kids are in the best care and thank God they are fine ??

By Patricia Villanueva Valdez


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