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Just one day after his demonstration from the music and social networks, Mamaam made a mistake and made it clear that he would not be able to get away.

Colombia released their Anganagam Academy and began to start a photo foot, where his pace is seen to grow tall and taller, he said: "Bozo Man is a sodomy of Boombo:" I still still stable. do not have ".

In the same way, in another video that he had kept in his Anamam Stories, he said: "It was fun, they fell to me (…) comfortably, stop speaking …".

On the other hand, Natalia Braulch of her birth has been used socially to send a celebration party to thank the United Nations.

"I am thankful that I am especially thankful for the love and thanks of my life, thank you for everything in your love, kindness, understanding, patience, your relationships and every effort." Announce

Last week, singing songs from Colombia, inspite of announcing her temporary love for her music from music, she insisted that she would dedicate her to "extend her spirit".

The spokeswoman told his news through his Official Instragram Academy, which he said, "I need a little time for myself, Julian Lausanne, I think, interpret, compare, pray, use my soul" is the. He also thanked his fans who attended their showroom shows.

In this line, author of Felix Lou 4 says, "I have a little while, this week I should take care of myself on my own and my soul, which I believe. Little know, but you know I will not forget. "

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Past Colombian singers use their social network on which it is emphasized that they do not come back from the music scene.

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