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Mexican football: Femexfut promises to cooperate with Cofece's investigation


The General Sports Director of the Mexican Football Federation has expressed a willingness to cooperate to clarify the topics in the investigation.

Wednesday 7 November 2018

Mexico City –

Before investigating which COFECE on Mexican Football Federation, League MX and 18 clubs First division, Guillermo Cantú, general sport director of Femexfut, said the agency is willing to cooperate to clarify the doubts.

"Today, I have no comments on this topic, but I can assure you it will be open to investigate by law, "said executive during the Congress of Legal Sports.

"There is speculation about something that the authority has not solved, and we have to investigate what to investigate."

Cantu He did not want to go into the details of the investigation that began on Tuesday at the offices Mexican Football Federation in Toluca.

"Investigations and questions are always given, whether fiscal or legal, apparently more famous, because football is famous. At that time, it will be talked about because it is premature talk about things that are related to it. You have to let it carry the right lead. "

The COFECE has initiated ex officio investigations of absolute monopoly practices relating to the purchase and sale of professional players in the territory of the State and therefore sent a summons to all clubs in the maximum range.

To his part Álvaro Ortiz, Executive Chairman Mexican association of football players, expressed his commitment to help in case it is required because the research is derived from how the players are transferred.

"We will be willing to cooperate on what needs to be done I want to be respectful and first look at what is happening We have nothing official, if we tell us we will be responsible to do what we have to do We are open, we said it from the beginning and I can not get it because I have no notice of any partyIf we need it with pleasure, we will do what is required. What we want is best for Mexican football, "Ortiz said.


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