Wednesday , October 5 2022

Mike Garcia was surprised, Spain’s Sandor Martin won with majority decision


In recent times from boxing to boxing, Spaniard Sandor Martin won a four-time championship with a majority over four-time champion Mike Garcia on four-on-one in Fresno, California.

Martin (39-2, 13 KOs) has never competed globally before – this was his first fight in the United States – as opposed to keeping Garcia busy, who hadn’t fought since 2020 and 2022. Initially, Regis was considering fighting the progress.

Instead, Martin, a 10-1 underdog, stunned the world by 10 rounds, with scores of 95-95, 97-93 and 97-93 prevailing.

“This is what drowned a lot,” said Garcia, ranked eighth at welterweight by ESPN. “I thought I was fighting a close match.

“I thought I did enough to win the rounds. I was the aggressor looking to fight. There are no excuses, that’s right.”

Martin, 28, boxed in from last Monday and more aggressive Garcia managed to make time with straight fts from time to time.

As time went on, it became clear that this was not an immediate start for the weaker sections of the Rustic War, but it was a surprise.

Garcia (40-2, 30 KOs) ushered in the action but didn’t show any real urgency, though the war, and perhaps his status as an elite fighter, was clearly livid.

Martin was selected by Garcia’s opponent who would give him a goal, but there was no danger of winning. However, he had ideas or ideas against world class competition in his first war.

“This is a legend, it was a pleasure to share the ring with him,” Martin said in Spanish through an interpreter. “This is the best moment of my career. I always said that I was going to do it and I did.

“I know myself; I lack the ability I have. I am a complete boxer, but he is not a natural 147-pound fighter.”

Garcia captured the Titles at 126, 130, 135 and 140 pounds. Claiming to be the champion of the five divisions, he was dominated by Errol Spence Jr. in the welterweight title fight in 2019.

Despite a cheaper performance against the Spaniards, Garcia stayed at 147 pounds to win Jesse Vargas in February 2020 for a tougher-than-expected unanimous decision.

Garcia fell to 140 pounds to fight progression this fall, but when DAZN wasn’t ready to shell out the many millions needed to end the war, Garcia decided to fight Martin in an attempt to get out of the rush.

Turns out, the inactivity and the weighted weight finally caught up with him, as Garcia looked slow and guilty. He couldn’t get his totem collection or loc Willie Martin with his fantastic job.

Garcia considers the best coaching in boxing – he has been trained by his great, eminent, renowned trainer, Robert Garcia – but a long period of inactivity has led to his usual time wasting.

Martin also deserves a lot of credit. He endured boxing for 10 rounds with his left-handed jaw punch and Garcia paid off with several payouts.

It was nothing like the man who lost to Anthony Ygate, who competed in the competition in 2017, and will return to Spain without the title of a sports hero.

Martin said he is ready to compete with Garcia on the mat, but intends to return 140 pounds to pursue a title shot.

Garcia, on the other hand, sees himself at the crossroads, an eminent boxer who has already done so much. At 33, he has a lot of left, but 140 pounds (or 135) is obviously a better weight for Garcia. And in fact, to win the former Yarra status as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, he desperately needs a strong victory over Martin over Win.

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