Saturday , October 1 2022

Proposed law to smoke marijuana in public areas


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Senator and future secretary of the interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero (Morena) will propose an initiative to monitor the market for the healing, personal and commercial use of marijuana through the General Cannabis Regulation and Control Act which, among other things, proposes to allow public smoking of herbs, "With the exception of spaces without 100% tobacco smoke" , which will oversee related devices.

The initiative, which was published yesterday in Bulletin of the Senate of the Republic He assumed he would present it yesterday at the plenary session, but it will be until tomorrow.

Morena's coordinator, Ricardo Monreal, said the initiative would be introduced tomorrow, because they would do some form fixes, "bottomless" legislative techniques and, in addition, meet with the observing companies.

The document explains that the sale of marijuana will only be done to people over 18 years old, in authorized facilities, which must be within a certain distance – as specified – from schools.

In his initiative Senator Sánchez Cordero He states that his proposal is based on a "strict regulation" model, that is, on the middle between the absolute ban and the free market.

It proposes the establishment of a Mexican Cannon Regulatory and Control Institute as a decentralized federal public administration body that will have the task of regulating, monitoring, sanctioning and evaluating the system.

In the case of personal use, it will be possible to sow, grow, use, prepare and convert up to 20 floral cannabis plants for personal consumption to private property, unless the production exceeds 480 grams per year and people have registered their plants before the institute.

People who, for health reasons, need plants, grow, use, prepare and transform more than 20 cannabis plants may apply for permission.

It also allows creating cooperatives, from two to 150 members for the production of marijuana, provided they are authorized to grant an authorization and meet verification requirements. They can only produce 480 grams per year per member and the surplus must be donated for research purposes.

For commercial use, marijuana can be used for pharmaceutical, therapeutic, palliative or herbal and industrial purposes.

The PRI banquets and MC also announced their proposals for the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

The PRI, whose initiative will be tabled on Thursday, proposes to allow playful marijuana consumption and increase the hold of five grams to 28 grams, while the bench MC proposes to change General health law allow recreational or recreational use of marijuana and apply the constitutional right to free personality development.

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